School of Rock

School of Rock (2003)

33 mistakes

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dewey and Ms. Mullins are in the bar, the shots from behind Ms. Mullins sitting down show that her left hand is on the table. However, the shots showing the front of Ms. Mullins show her arms folded.


Continuity mistake: As Zach is 'raising his goblet of rock', his hand gets a lot lower in a shot change.


Other mistake: After the concert, when Dewey is telling Gordon how awesome the lights were, Eleni calls him Jack. The actor that plays Dewey is Jack Black. (This mistake is mentioned in the Kids Kommentary [sic].)

Continuity mistake: As Ms. Mullins says, "You know, it's more complicated than that" she brings her right hand up above her shoulders, but in the next shot, her hand is lower.


Continuity mistake: After the kid's music class and Jack Black yells "You." to Zack, you see the kids around him sit down twice between shots.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where the kids are saying their version of the Pledge of Allegiance, the camera zooms in on a blonde girl. From shot to shot, which hand she has over her heart changes.

Audio problem: After Dewey and Miss Mullins go to the bar, Dewey is heard singing and snapping his fingers as he drives. However, you can see through the windshield that both of his hands are on the steering wheel and he is not snapping his fingers.

Continuity mistake: When Billy gives Dewey the paper bag with his clothes in it, towards the end of the film, the way the bag is folded at the top changes between shots.

Revealing mistake: In the middle of the scene where it shows what the class does throughout the week, Dewey is shown playing a bass guitar with no strings.

Continuity mistake: During the scene at lunch when Dewey is telling the teachers a story, we see that the teacher who is sitting at the end of the table near Dewey is pretty close to him, but after Dewey tells the "gym teacher joke" we get a view of the table and the teacher that was nearest Dewey is farther away than before.


Revealing mistake: When playing "School Of Rock" at the Battle Of The Bands, there is one point where Dewey is heard playing a chord before his hands make the chord position. It's only out by about half a second, but it can be heard when his fingers aren't on the fretboard.

A Demon

Continuity mistake: The amount of beer in Ms. Mullins' glass keeps changing. It sometimes grows.

A Demon

Continuity mistake: When Dewy is saying that they should keep the project under wraps, he has his hands on the Gibson SG. Camera cuts and now they are at his face.

A Demon

Factual error: At the "Battle of the Bands" scene, the kids arrive and have less than the length of one song to get ready to go on stage. (We see the band up on stage and hear the Battle of the Bands person tell the kids they're going on after that band.) Yet, when they get up on stage, they've got outfits, hair, makeup - including fancy braids and spikes - that just plain couldn't have been thrown together in five minutes.

Continuity mistake: As Zach finishes singing the song he wrote, he has both his hands on the guitar, but in the next shot, his left hand is on his thigh.


Factual error: When Dewey is getting the class to jam on "Smoke on the Water" for the first time, he tells the girl bass player to play a G, but he shows the guitar player the chords to the song in the key of A. The chords do not match the bass line. A real guitar player who has played this song would not make this mistake.

Visible crew/equipment: When the kids are playing music in the classroom and the teacher sings along with them, you can see a crewmember's shadow on the chalkboard.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Dewey gets kicked out of the band, he picks up his guitar case and raises it above his head. In the very next shot, from behind, the guitar case is suddenly down by his side.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dewey tells the class that he is going to be singing and playing guitar, Alicia says something like "Why are you in the band?" and the shot is of her back with her right arm behind her chair, but when the shot changes so you see the front of her, her arm is in front of her chair on the desk. This happens several times.


Continuity mistake: Watch the top of her handle of Ms. Mullins' beer before she takes first sip. The level is high. Then look at the glass handle after Dewey gets up. The level is even lower but she never drank any more.