Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Continuity mistake: In the lab in Hong Kong, Lara is held down on a table covered in broken glass. Her head is pushed around, she is shown grimacing with pain and blood is shown on the glass. When she stands up, her face is unmarked. (01:04:50 - 01:05:40)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lara Croft escapes from the bad guy by jumping head first down a rope, look closely at her hair. As she runs to the rope, her hair is in a pony tail swinging freely. But as she heads down the rope, you can see her pony tail is bound with several elastic bands, giving it the appearance of being braided. The scene then cuts to the bad guys leaning over the rope and then back to Laura Croft and once again her hair is swinging freely. (00:47:10)

Factual error: In beginning scene with the shark, it growls when it sees Lara. C'mon, how many sharks actually growl? (00:14:15)

Continuity mistake: After Lara drives the Jeep through all the water, mud and dirt on the plains of Africa and gets where she is going, the Jeep is clean. I don't imagine they have too many carwashes in the plains of Africa.


Continuity mistake: After having driven through "half of China", as they leave their bikes behind to proceed on foot you can see that the bikes are squeaky clean; even the tires are spotless.


Audio problem: In the end of the movie, after Lara and the gang get in the Jeep, she drives off, turning sharply and you can hear the tires squeaking, as if they are on pavement.

Continuity mistake: In the Lab, Lara attempts to destroy Reiss' computers by shooting them, but if you watch carefully she (and later Terry) only shoot the monitors.

Audio problem: In Shanghai, when Reiss shoots Chen Lo's brother (just as he takes the box containing the orb), you can hear a shot BEFORE Reiss actually pulls the trigger.

Continuity mistake: When Lara and Terry first jump off the top of the construction building the suits they are wearing are separated between their legs. But when they open their legs in the air the material is together as one solid piece. There is no separation. But when they land on the boat, the material is separate once again so they can walk. (01:08:00)

Factual error: In the lab in Hong Kong Croft is in a gunfight against Til Schweiger and another baddie. She makes a leap, kills one guy and takes cover behind a table. Then she engages the slide locks and comes up to kill Till Schweiger. All this makes no sense because if the slides were locked backed after the first kill, the guns were empty. This means that she came out of her cover with two empty guns because she didn't reload them before but just engaged the slide locks. If she did in fact reload offscreen it still would make no sense because when she sees Schweiger's trap, she doesn't let off a single round but still reloads as soon as she is behind the table again. In this case she would have replaced two full magazines with two other full magazines.

Factual error: Every time Lara records something with the mini video camera, one of her fingers is right in front of the lens, which should ruin the recordings.

Continuity mistake: When Lara and Terry escape from the cave by going down the rope, you can see that they have left their bags behind. However, when they get to the city, they are seen walking around the building carrying the same bags that were left behind.

Revealing mistake: During the scene where Lara and Reiss's henchmen are fighting in the lab with the orb, look closely: the computer monitors in the background briefly flicker (as most monitors appear on camera), indicating they were shot in the background. During the close-ups, this does not occur.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end where Terry and Lara are talking in the Cradle of Life, Terry smacks her when she's says she won't let him leave with the box. After she stands back up, you can see that there's a cut on her lip (right after she spits). Then the camera angle cuts to Terry quickly and then back to Lara, only, the cut on her lip is now gone and it doesn't reappear. (01:42:55)

Continuity mistake: When Lara and Terry escape from the building with the flying suits and parachutes, they land on the ship and are met by two people on the ship who quickly take them inside the Ship. The parachutes need some time to come down after they land, but when the camera goes to a wide shot of the boat, the parachutes have been gathered up already.

Other mistake: Lara pulls herself up to the last step twice as she boards the boat. (00:04:15)

Factual error: The Luna temple is shown with water pouring in through cracks in the ceiling. Since it is submerged, air should be escaping up through the cracks and water should be entering at the bottom (through the passage along which Lara entered). (00:08:50)


Continuity mistake: When Lara emerges from the water and climbs up the ladder onto the boat in Greece the camera shows her jumping on the boat twice. She gets to the top of the ladder and jumps on the boat, the camera switches angles and she jumps onto the boat again.


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Suggested correction: No, she jumps once. She does pull up herself twice, though, which is a mistake already listed.

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Factual error: When Lara is hooking up her phone and camera to the T.V. on the boat, she goes around back and flips off a cover to reveal wires. However, when she attaches her clip to a red wire, she clips it to the plastic coating instead of the bare wire itself. In real life, there would be no current able to go through the plastic. (01:15:50)

Continuity mistake: In Reiss' lab, the position of the glass shards on the table by Lara's head change during shots.

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Trivia: A man actually doubles for Angelina Jolie during the "squirrel suit" jump sequence - he is one of the two inventors of the suit, the other doubling for Gerard Butler.

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Question: Does anyone experienced in Scuba Diving think Lara's dive profile to the temple is feasible on air without some form of decompression? What would be the atmospheric pressure in the temple?

Answer: The pressure in the temple would be the same as that of the water just before Lara entered the temple. So no she would not need to decompress before entering at the temple as it was open to the sea, but she would have surely suffered the bends on the rapid accent to the surface.

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