Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Continuity mistake: In the lab in Hong Kong, Lara is held down on a table covered in broken glass. Her head is pushed around, she is shown grimacing with pain and blood is shown on the glass. When she stands up, her face is unmarked. (01:04:50 - 01:05:40)


Continuity mistake: After Lara drives the Jeep through all the water, mud and dirt on the plains of Africa and gets where she is going, the Jeep is clean. I don't imagine they have too many carwashes in the plains of Africa.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lara Croft escapes from the bad guy by jumping head first down a rope, look closely at her hair. As she runs to the rope, her hair is in a pony tail swinging freely. But as she heads down the rope, you can see her pony tail is bound with several elastic bands, giving it the appearance of being braided. The scene then cuts to the bad guys leaning over the rope and then back to Laura Croft and once again her hair is swinging freely. (00:47:10)

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Trivia: Lara tells Terry that she will take "four minutes" with Chen Lo. The fight sequence between her and Chen Lo ends almost exactly four minutes later.

Trivia: The tribe at the end of the film was actually a real tribe, not actors.

Trivia: A man actually doubles for Angelina Jolie during the "squirrel suit" jump sequence - he is one of the two inventors of the suit, the other doubling for Gerard Butler.

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Terry Sheridan: You can break my wrists, but I'm still gonna kiss you.

Lara: I'm laughing at the fact I used to find you charming.
Terry: I am charming.

Question: Pandora's box has already been opened according to legend thats why there is bad in the world so why does it matter if anyone gets hold of the box.

Chosen answer: As the movie sets out, that is the "Sunday school" version of the story. Within the movie, the legend is based on an artifact that not only bestowed life upon the earth but also slew all who opened it with horrible disease, gaining a reputation for containing the essences of both "good" and "evil."


Question: Does anyone experienced in Scuba Diving think Lara's dive profile to the temple is feasible on air without some form of decompression? What would be the atmospheric pressure in the temple?

Chosen answer: The pressure in the temple would be the same as that of the water just before Lara entered the temple. So no she would not need to decompress before entering at the temple as it was open to the sea, but she would have surely suffered the bends on the rapid accent to the surface.

Question: Exactly how plausible was the jump from the skyscraper that Terry and Lara did with their suits? With those very small "wings" or whatever the proper name for those yellow extensions is that were attached to their suits, in reality wouldn't they have plummeted to the ground instead of gliding away?

Chosen answer: Very plausible. The suits exist - they are called glide suits or wingsuits and lots more info can be found with a quick Google search.

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