Best action movie audio problems of 1988

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Action Jackson picture

Audio problem: In one scene where Jackson is caught by some bad guys you can see (and hear) that a couple of times when Jackson laughs it is badly dubbed over.


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Child's Play picture

Audio problem: When Andy jumps on his Mums bed, on the morning of his birthday, he shouts "Wake up, Mummy, Wake up." but his mouth doesn't move (00:08:50)

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The Naked Gun picture

Audio problem: Right at the scene where Reggie Jackson points the gun at the Queen, Drebin fires a shot off at him from his watch. It goes astray, hitting some fat lady, and we hear him saying "whoops!" but his lips don't move. (01:16:10)

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Space Mutiny picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Kalgan confronts third engineer Steve Godell on the catwalk, he laughs before saying the line: "third engineer Steve Godell?" The laugh begins while Kalgan is obscured by the set, and continues as he moves into the scene. As he steps from around the corner, you can see his mouth is closed and not moving at all, despite the fact that his laugh can still be heard for 3-4 seconds.

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Bloodsport picture

Audio problem: When the Kumite's history is being announced by the black dragon leader, just before the first fight, every word he says has been dubbed. Hardly any of his mouth movements match his words.

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Die Hard picture

Audio problem: Just after Hans addresses McClane by his name over the radio, we can hear Powell say, "Better get ahold of someone at dispatch," but his mouth movements don't match what we hear. (01:18:50)

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The Bourne Identity picture

Audio problem: When Bourne rescues Marie, he fires a silenced pistol at the man who was trying to rape her, but the sound is of an unsilenced gun. (01:01:10)

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License to Drive picture

Audio problem: When the drunk driver steals Les's Caddy his nerdy friend says you can't take this car and Les says "He took our car, we're gonna take his" but his mouth doesn't move at all.

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Red Scorpion picture

Audio problem: When in the bar before being put in the cell, Dolph grabs a gun from an MP and starts shooting up the bar. The sound of gunfire starts a split-second before he starts shooting.

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They Live picture

Audio problem: When Nada first sees the police helicopter, the only sound is a very muted whooshing of the blades. Any other time, the noises are normal.

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