The Big Bang Theory

The Hot Troll Deviation - S4-E4

Continuity mistake: When Howard and Bernadette are talking in the Cheesecake Factory, her apron that she puts on the table is constantly changing position. (00:12:30)

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The Hot Troll Deviation - S4-E4

Continuity mistake: When George Takei and Katee leave Howard's bedroom, in one shot Howard is clasping his hands together, in an instant they are spread out completely. With no time to move them. (00:04:25)

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The Parking Spot Escalation - S6-E9

Other mistake: Sheldon tries and fails to move Howard's car at the start of the episode. However if you look closely the car does roll backwards even though the handbrake is applied.

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The Maternal Congruence - S3-E11

Visible crew/equipment: When the four (Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Beverly) are driving to the airport at the end, the studio lights are reflected in Beverly's sunglasses.

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The Dumpling Paradox - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Leonard and Sheldon are talking with Penny during the scene where she is being allowed to sleep on their couch, the pullstring on her hooded jacket keeps alternating from hanging loose to being caught inside the top of the jacket. (00:07:40)

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The Killer Robot Instability - S2-E12

Revealing mistake: When M.O.N.T.E. crashes through the door at the end, the door hits the wall on the other side of the corridor. The wall shakes, revealing it's a set.

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The Vegas Renormalization - S2-E21

Continuity mistake: When Leonard and Raj are getting ready in the bathroom, Raj picks up a tube of shampoo/conditioner off the bathroom bench with his left hand. However, in the next shot, Raj has nothing in his left hand and the tube is back on the bench, with no time for him to replace it between shots.


The Big Bran Hypothesis - S1-E2

Audio problem: When Penny is talking to Raj on the stairs to the apartments, during some shots we see her from behind. In one shot, we hear her say something like "And I'm freaking out", but you can tell by the way her jaw moves that she was actually saying something different. (00:14:50)


The Closure Alternative - S6-E21

Continuity mistake: Sheldon and Amy are talking while drinking tea together. The entire time, Sheldon has his hand next to his other hand, but in an individual shot, his hand is suddenly on his other wrist.

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Suggested correction: There is a moment when he puts his hand there. So nothing wrong here.

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The Proton Displacement - S7-E7

Continuity mistake: During the jewelry-making session, when Penny is making a mess, there's a black piece stuck to her left hand. The piece is stuck on different parts of her hand throughout the scene. (00:07:15)


The Gorilla Dissolution - S7-E23

Revealing mistake: After Howard lets go of the unpacked treadmill, it begins to fall down the stairs. As it goes out of frame, the treadmill begins to level itself out, but the sound of it is still heard falling and Howard, Bernadette and Raj continue running past, way further than where it levelled itself out anyway. (00:00:35)

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The Killer Robot Instability - S2-E12

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the show, the big robot is chasing the other robot down the hallway. The camera starts to zoom in as the robots come by it. The big robot stops just before the camera zoom is past it, yet they keep running down the hallway like the robot is still going.

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The Gothowitz Deviation - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: When Penny is making French toast and Sheldon walks into shot, the edges of the toast are not covered in egg whilst the rest of the toast is. About 30 seconds later, Penny asks Sheldon if he wants French toast and the edges are still not covered in egg. The shot cuts to Sheldon. In this shot we can see Penny's hands to the far edge of screen and fully raised showing us that she hasn't dipped the edges of the toast in egg yet. But in the next shot, we can see the whole of the toast is covered in egg, including the edges of the toast that were clear a moment earlier. (00:00:20 - 00:00:50)

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The Robotic Manipulation - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: When Penny says "let's just finish our dinners" she raises her fork twice. (00:16:45)

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The Spaghetti Catalyst - S3-E20

Continuity mistake: When Raj and Leonard are sitting on the couch, Leonard is holding Watchmen and Lost in Space in his left hand and Young Sherlock Holmes in his right. In the very next shot when Leonard turns his head after Raj speaks, Watchmen has disappeared.

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The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: When Leonard gives Penny her christmas gift, as she unwraps it she tears the paper off so that most of the box is exposed. In the next shot much more of the wrapping is back intact and differently positioned. (00:19:40)

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The Killer Robot Instability - S2-E12

Factual error: M.O.N.T.E. would not be able to knock down the door as he does at the end.

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The Zarnecki Incursion - S4-E19

Character mistake: As they drive to Todd Zarnecki's to confront him, Sheldon says, "I almost feel sorry for the poor fool, sitting in his split-level suburban ranch..." Architecturally, split-level (technically three levels joined by half flights of stairs) and ranch (single level) are separate and distinct designs. There is no "fusion" of the two. I can't help but think Sheldon would have corrected anyone who said the same thing.

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The Lizard-Spock Expansion - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: When Leonard is talking to Penny in the laundry room; as he walks forward to ask her about whether him dating Stephanie is wrong, the box of washing powder on the machine behind him alternately has its lid closed or open. (00:14:00)

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The Barbarian Sublimation - S2-E3

Continuity mistake: When Leslie and Sheldon are talking to Dr. Eric Gablehauser in his office, in one shot Eric throws a piece of paper onto the desk behind him (next to the computer.) Through the rest of the scene, this piece of paper keeps changing position. (00:09:00)

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The Extract Obliteration - S6-E6

Stephen Hawking: Do you like brain teasers?
Sheldon Cooper: Oh, I love brain teasers.
Stephen Hawking: What do Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? They both suck. Neener, neener.

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The Holographic Excitation - S6-E5

Trivia: In this episode, Sheldon and Amy are trying to decide on couples' themed Halloween costumes. Sheldon is standing in front of the dry erase board. There are 2 columns written on the board. One named "Couples I Like" and the other "Couples You Like." Under the "Couples You Like" column, one of the couples is Blossom and Joey. Blossom is the name of the television character played by Mayim Bialik in the 90s and Joey was one of her brothers.

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