The Big Bang Theory

The Holographic Excitation - S6-E5

Trivia: In this episode, Sheldon and Amy are trying to decide on couples' themed Halloween costumes. Sheldon is standing in front of the dry erase board. There are 2 columns written on the board. One named "Couples I Like" and the other "Couples You Like." Under the "Couples You Like" column, one of the couples is Blossom and Joey. Blossom is the name of the television character played by Mayim Bialik in the 90s and Joey was one of her brothers.

The Work Song Nanocluster - S2-E18

Trivia: After Sheldon mentions a molecular sieve, they go over to 4a, their apartment. 4a is a kind of molecular sieve.

The Fish Guts Displacement - S6-E10

Trivia: In the beginning, after talking about the Spider-Man theme, Sheldon says it's right up there after Inspector Gadget and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (to which the gang chimes in "heroes in a half shell, turtle power"). Chuck Lorre, the show's creator, wrote the original TMNT theme song that they are referring to.


The Holographic Excitation - S6-E5

Trivia: On the couples costume idea board, "Dharma and Greg" is listed. Chuck Lorre, creator of The Big Bang Theory, also created Dharma and Greg.


Trivia: Amy's apartment number is 314, ie. Pi (well, a variation - 3.14...). Very fitting.

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The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis - S2-E11

Trivia: Kaley Cuoco's favorite moment of Penny's is when Sheldon hugs her after receiving the napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy.

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Trivia: Six years apart, Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nayyar share the same birthday.

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Trivia: Penny is the only character whose surname has not yet been revealed.

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The Bat Jar Conjecture - S1-E13

Trivia: When Leonard, Howard and Raj are contemplating who to have as the fourth member of their Physics Bowl team, Raj says, "You know who's apparently very smart is the girl who played TV's 'Blossom'. She got a Ph.d in Neuroscience or something." The girl he's referring to is actress Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler in later episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Interestingly, she is the only recurring cast member on the show that actually does have a Ph.d in real life.


The Excelsior Acquisition - S3-E16

Trivia: Raj's question about why so many of Stan Lee's characters' first and last names begin with the same initial (Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Bruce Banner, etc.) has been answered by Lee in interviews before: He has a bad memory for names, so if he can remember one of their names, he knows the other starts with the same letter.

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Trivia: Sheldon and Leonard were named after producer/creator Sheldon Leonard, who created and produced such TV hits as the Dick Van Dyke Show and the Andy Griffith Show, as Chuck Lorre was a huge fan of his.


The Recollection Dissipation - S10-E20

Trivia: When Amy sings "Soft Kitty" in German she more or less translates it literally. The German dubbed version of the show uses completely different lyrics for its rendition instead of just translating the original version.


The Excelsior Acquisition - S3-E16

Trivia: The judge at the courthouse is named J. Kirby. Jack Kirby was a Marvel comics artist who partnered with Stan Lee, who also appears in this episode, to create The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, and many other Marvel comics.

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Trivia: When Penny becomes a bartender, it was because Kaley broke her leg horse riding and they had to keep filming, so she kept the cast hidden behind the bar.

The 43 Peculiarity - S6-E8

Trivia: One of Penny's classmates, Cole, is portrayed by Ryan Cartwright. Ryan Cartwright is a main character on Alphas. At the time of the episode, Alphas hasn't been cancelled. Episode 21, The Closure Alternative, deals with Sheldon getting over learning Alphas had been cancelled.


The Cooper Extraction - S7-E11

Trivia: Penny gets her break appearing in NCIS. Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj, had his first acting job on NCIS season 4 episode 12 Suspicion. Coincidentally this is the episode prior to Penny's episode.

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The Cooper Extraction - S7-E11

Trivia: The episode of NCIS that Penny was cut from is Season 4 Episode 13: Sharif Returns.

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The Mommy Observation - S7-E18

Trivia: The car parked left from Stuart in the future sequence is a BMW i3, which is an actual production car introduced in 2014.


Trivia: You don't have to be a big The Big Bang Theory fan to know that Sheldon has his spot on the couch, but did you notice that other characters also sit in 90% of scenes on the one spot. Leonard is always on the sofa left to Sheldon, Penny is almost always on the sofa across Sheldon, Howard is always next to Sheldon on the couch (except in situations when Amy or Bernadette sit between him and Sheldon), and Raj is always on the left side of the couch (viewers' left), or on the floor.


The Maternal Congruence - S3-E11

Trivia: Raj doesn't say a single word in this episode.

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The Habitation Configuration - S6-E7

Continuity mistake: When Howard is almost done moving out of his mother's house, there is a table in front of him with a measuring device in the top corner. In one shot, the device moves to the opposite corner of the table. In a few shots later, the item returns to its original position.

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The Extract Obliteration - S6-E6

Stephen Hawking: Do you like brain teasers?
Sheldon Cooper: Oh, I love brain teasers.
Stephen Hawking: What do Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? They both suck. Neener, neener.

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