Inspector Gadget

Continuity mistake: When Sikes is put into the headpiece and Claw has the power turned up full force the chin strap is first around Sikes's chin, then it isn't, then it is.

Continuity mistake: When Inspector Gadget was in the city dump, you can clearly see all his gadgets inside his body. But when he recovers and rises, he is fully clothed - he could not possibly put on his suit that fast.

Revealing mistake: At the party where Inspector Gadget lights a cigar for Scolex, he uses his thumb which flips open to reveal a flame. When they cut to the close-up of Scolex getting the cigar lit, you can see that there is a hand holding up a traditional lighter, and not Inspector Gadget's thumb any more.

Continuity mistake: When evil Gadget and good Gadget are on the ground fighting you can see the car behind evil Gadget. They then show both from the side and the car isn't there but when they go to good Gadget it's behind him again.

Revealing mistake: When Robo-Gadget is rampaging through the city pretending to be Godzilla (a nod to another film Matthew Broderick was in) you see a shadow on a wall that is supposed to be Robo-Gadget's hands doing the Godzilla thing. You can tell from the shadow that whatever is making it is actually on rods.

Revealing mistake: After Inspector Gadget and Brenda jump from Dr. Claw's helicopter at the end of the movie, they land on the ground thanks to Gadget's trusty parasol. Meanwhile, Claw is up in the helicopter trying to keep it from spinning out of control. A few minutes later, we see him also land on the ground with a parachute. What exactly happened to the helicopter? We never get to see it crash or anything. It simply vanishes, never to be seen or mentioned again.

Audio problem: When Inspector Gadget is upside down in the vent eyeing the bionic stolen foot, he activates a gadget called 'Go go suction shoes'. However, it is said wrong. It should be 'Go go gadget suction shoes'.

Other mistake: During Brown's dream, where he saves a runaway bus, Brown throws a hook, which latches onto the bumper. One shot of a middle-aged woman staring in awe was obviously done backwards, because the letters on the store behind her are written and spelled as such.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the bus has no brakes, the dog is on a leash. When Gadget grabs the dog and throws him and catches him, there is no leash.

Audio problem: When Inspector Gadget hides in the cubicle with the Bradford Murder Case files, he finds a battery with 'si' written on it. However, he incorrectly says 'Go go Spanish translation' rather than 'Go go gadget Spanish translation'.

Audio problem: Inspector Gadget stops to help thieves steal a car at one point during the film. He uses a skeleton lock pick on it, yet he doesn't say anything to activate the Gadget.

Continuity mistake: When Evil Gadget jumps out of the chief's office, he is seen falling forward, but in the next shot is seen falling backward just before he lands on the sidewalk.

Continuity mistake: When John wakes up from his daydream there's a blue cushion under the green one which disappears in further shots.


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Question: When Inspector Gadget is lying on the table with the Claw watching over him, Gadget says that Claw will never get away with this. Then Claw says, "I think someone's been watching too many Saturday morning cartoons", and then everyone looks up at the camera confused/surprised. Can any one explain what the joke is here?

Answer: The joke is that he is referring to the "Inspector Gadget" cartoon, in which the Claw never got away with any of his schemes.

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