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Corrected entry: Why does Inspector G tell no one that Scolex is the one who blew up his car (and, therefore, probably killed Brenda's father?) He clearly saw him throw the exploding cigar and seems to remember everything else perfectly fine.

Correction: As Brenda told him after he came out of recovery, he wouldn't remember everything, so it's possible that this was one point that he didn't remember.

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Corrected entry: With Penny, Gadget accidentally opens up his thumb flame on his right hand, but in the next scene where he lights Scolex's cigar he is using the thumb from his left hand.

Correction: You are assuming he wouldn't have a lighter for each hand.


Corrected entry: Gadget takes the small battery with "SI" on it, and his translator says "si" means "yes." This is not true. In Spanish, 'yes' has an accent over the i. The battery actually spelled "if".

Correction: The translator was responding to audio (voice) rather than visual. Gadget didn't know about the accent over the i and confused his translator.


Corrected entry: When Inspector Gadget and Brenda are both falling from the helicopter, Inspector Gadget starts calling upon specific Gadgets to save them both. The gadgets he asks for never activate.

Correction: That's the joke. He doesn't have any of those gadgets.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Imposter and the real Inspector Gadget are zooming down a bridge in shopping carts, their pants shift from being down, to up a few times.

Correction: Only one of them has their trousers down - it's just cutting between the two of them


Continuity mistake: When Inspector Gadget was in the city dump, you can clearly see all his gadgets inside his body. But when he recovers and rises, he is fully clothed - he could not possibly put on his suit that fast.

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Inspector Gadget: I'm not me anymore. I'm a hardware store.

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Trivia: During the end credits, the voice of Brain is Don Adams, the original animated Inspector Gadget, who also performed as the inept Maxwell Smart in the old television series Get Smart.

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Question: When Inspector Gadget is lying on the table with the Claw watching over him, Gadget says that Claw will never get away with this. Then Claw says, "I think someone's been watching too many Saturday morning cartoons", and then everyone looks up at the camera confused/surprised. Can any one explain what the joke is here?

Answer: The joke is that he is referring to the "Inspector Gadget" cartoon, in which the Claw never got away with any of his schemes.

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