Inspector Gadget

Continuity mistake: When Sikes is put into the headpiece and Claw has the power turned up full force the chin strap is first around Sikes's chin, then it isn't, then it is.

Continuity mistake: When Inspector Gadget was in the city dump, you can clearly see all his gadgets inside his body. But when he recovers and rises, he is fully clothed - he could not possibly put on his suit that fast.

Continuity mistake: When evil Gadget and good Gadget are on the ground fighting you can see the car behind evil Gadget. They then show both from the side and the car isn't there but when they go to good Gadget it's behind him again.

Continuity mistake: When Robo Gadget and Inspector Gadget fall off Claw's limo, The Gadget mobile crashes into to the side of the limo causing dents and scratches. In the next few shots, it repairs by itself.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the bus has no brakes, the dog is on a leash. When Gadget grabs the dog and throws him and catches him, there is no leash.

Continuity mistake: When Inspector Gadget is chasing the limo with his long gadget legs you see telephone wires crossing the road from the limo view, yet they disappear from Inspector Gadget's view.

N. T. Flanklin

Continuity mistake: When Evil Gadget jumps out of the chief's office, he is seen falling forward, but in the next shot is seen falling backward just before he lands on the sidewalk.

Continuity mistake: As Gadget slips off the landing skid, the front goes from smooth to curved up between shots.

Movie Nut

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