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Character mistake: When the three are introduced to the adoptive couple, their names are not provided. But the husband then says they want to adopt Moe.


Plot hole: When Larry and Curley reunite with Moe on the Jersey Shore set, the producer who got Moe on the show is surprised to see there are three of them, conveniently forgetting he was watching all three together on stage before Larry and Curley walked off and he gave Moe the part.


Continuity mistake: In the long shot of Sister Bernice as a lifeguard at the pool, she is twirling a whistle with her right hand. But in the close-up shot of her a moment later, the whistle has gone.

Continuity mistake: Larry pulls the "do not remove" tag from the bell and we see the bell fall away and slide down the roof about six feet, but when the camera angles changes, the bell is again falling through that same space.


Continuity mistake: When Curly, Larry and Moe are talking to Teddy on the bridge after the car explosion in the lake, the amount of dirt on Teddy's face changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: When the stooges meet up with Teddy as adults they say to him that the Teddy they knew had only one shoe.Teddy then shows them a pic of him with one shoe being adopted by the Harter's.However when we first see Teddy as a kid he is wearing two shoes.


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Continuity mistake: Mac ends up in a lion cage, and threatens a lion with gun. He gets scared and drops it, but when seen in a wider angle, the gun has disappeared. (00:56:25)


Factual error: Dolphins wouldn't die or choke if their breathing hole is blocked. They can breath via their mouths. (00:57:00)


Revealing mistake: When the arrow Larry shot into the sky comes back down, it pierces Mac's thigh and into a thick pad which can be seen under his pants.


Continuity mistake: When Curly is bouncing on Monsignor Ratliffe, Ratliffe is lying on the ground so that he's parallel to the fallen ladder. In the next shot, he's perpendicular to the ladder.


Continuity mistake: When the boy give Murph a plate of cheese, it's sitting on her lap. When she reaches for the tissues, after spitting it out, the plate is on the nightstand.


Plot hole: When Sofia Vergara drives off, the boys are at least 10-20 feet away from her car. The next scene shows they had somehow dropped their gear, run to the moving car, somehow grabbed onto the edge of the trunk while she drove home at 40 MPH, and she never noticed them in the rear view mirror? And their shoes didn't skid or make them trip or fall or slide off around corners?

Continuity mistake: When the boys fix the bell, the overhead shot shows the roof is severely angled and no materials are there. After the short scene with the kids, Moe and Larry are on the roof. But there is now a 15-foot level deck next to the bell with six flat 2-by-4's and a complex support structure. Who designed it, acquired the materials, built it, and tested it within maybe 10 minutes? Not the boys - they couldn't even pull the wood screens off the tower. When they do, it's not shown how anyway.

Curly: Shame on you, Moe, you let your pride ruin everything for us and them kids.
Moe: How dare you accuse me of having pride?

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Trivia: Caroline Scott, who plays one of the nuns at the beginning of the movie, is the great grand-daughter of Moe Howard, one of the original Stooges.

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Question: I don't remember if it was mentioned in the movie, but are the three stooges brothers or friends?


Chosen answer: The original Three Stooges was comprised of two brothers, Moe Howard and Curly Howard, and also Larry Fine, who was unrelated. After Curley suffered a debilitating stroke in the 1950s, his brother, Shemp Howard, took over as the third Stooge. In this movie they're just friends.


Answer: In the film, they grow up as friends, but it is a bit misleading, considering they were all babies put on the doorstep together. That WOULD make one confused as to the answer to that question.

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