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Corrected entry: In the scene where the Stooges jump off the roof, in slow motion you can see 3 dummies fall and land on the actor below but in the next shot the real Stooges actors are on top of him as they get up.


Correction: This is more of a call-back to the original shorts. There were many times where there were obvious dummies used for scenes similar to this.

Frizzo the Clown

Corrected entry: When Moe was a kid he had blue eyes, but when he grew up he had brown eyes.

Correction: It's not uncommon for eye colors to change. When my niece was a little girl, she had bright blue eyes but now they're more hazel in color.

Jeff Swanson

Corrected entry: When Moe throws the octopus at Larry at Teddy and Lydia's anniversary party, Larry ducks and it hits someone standing off to his side. But based on the directionality of Moe's throw, it should have hit the couple directly behind him.

Cubs Fan

Correction: Moe simply had an errant throw and wouldn't have hit Larry, even if he didn't duck.


Corrected entry: As Teddy goes to take a picture of the trio on his iPhone, he is on the iPhone's home screen. Though a shutter noise is heard, he never enters the camera app to take the photo.


Correction: You can see before he takes the pictures the phone is already in camera mode. Before he takes the picture you can see the guys moving around on the phone screen.


Corrected entry: The bell falls from the roof onto Sister Mary Mengele and knocks her out cold. She falls to the ground and there is a metal bucket about three feet from her head. When Moe and Curly grab her under the arms and slide her further away from the building, there is now a fire hydrant with a tuft of grass that her head is banged against.


Correction: The fire hydrant is always there. You see her standing in front of it, although several feet away, before getting hit by the bell.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the three stooges are driving the golf cart, round the corner the handle from the lawnmower is extended and knocks over the ladder with the nun. The next shot shows them getting out of the cart and the handle is no longer sticking out of the side of the cart.


Correction: You can see that when the handle, which is collapsible, hits the ladder, it folds over. So even before the next shot, the handle is no longer sticking out.


Character mistake: When the three are introduced to the adoptive couple, their names are not provided. But the husband then says they want to adopt Moe.

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Head Nurse: Can't you read? Visiting hours are over.
Curly: Even for family?
Head Nurse: You're related?
Curly: Yeah.
Head Nurse: How?
Curly: His mother and my mother were both mothers.

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Trivia: Jim Carrey was originally offered the role of Curly, but turned it down because he didn't want to wear a fat suit, and felt he was too old to gain the necessary weight without risking his health.

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