The Three Stooges

Trivia: Jim Carrey was originally offered the role of Curly, but turned it down because he didn't want to wear a fat suit, and felt he was too old to gain the necessary weight without risking his health.

Trivia: Caroline Scott, who plays one of the nuns at the beginning of the movie, is the great grand-daughter of Moe Howard, one of the original Stooges.

Trivia: The orphanage in the movie is shown to have been established in 1934. This is the same year the Three Stooges began making shorts for Columbia Pictures.

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Trivia: All of the slapstick sound effects were taken from the original Three Stooges shorts.

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Trivia: When Curly and Larry go to Teddy's father, to ask him if he'll give them the money to save the orphanage, the law offices they pass are puns related to their specialties. Ditcher, Quick, and Hyde ("Ditch her quick and hide") are divorce attorneys, and Kickham, Harter, and Indagroin ("Kick 'em harder and in the groin") are personal injury attorneys.

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Trivia: Simple words like "work" are frequently misspelled. These were trademarks of the original shorts and illustrated the Stooges' low class.

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Trivia: In the scene where Larry hitches up the gangbanger's pants, one of the gangbanger's friends is played by Bobby Farrelly's son Jesse, who died of a drug overdose a few months before the film's release.

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Trivia: At the beginning of episode 2, the motel we see is called "The Filander Inn" (philandering). Philandering means to have illicit sex, usual with someone other than a spouse. The proprietor is "I.C. Nuttin" (I see nothing).


Character mistake: When the three are introduced to the adoptive couple, their names are not provided. But the husband then says they want to adopt Moe.

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Head Nurse: Can't you read? Visiting hours are over.
Curly: Even for family?
Head Nurse: You're related?
Curly: Yeah.
Head Nurse: How?
Curly: His mother and my mother were both mothers.

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