The Big Bang Theory

Trivia: Six years apart, Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nayyar share the same birthday.

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Trivia: Amy's apartment number is 314, ie. Pi (well, a variation - 3.14...). Very fitting.

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Trivia: Penny is the only character whose surname has not yet been revealed.

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Trivia: When Penny becomes a bartender, it was because Kaley broke her leg horse riding and they had to keep filming, so she kept the cast hidden behind the bar.

Trivia: Sheldon and Leonard were named after producer/creator Sheldon Leonard, who created and produced such TV hits as the Dick Van Dyke Show and the Andy Griffith Show, as Chuck Lorre was a huge fan of his.


Trivia: You don't have to be a big The Big Bang Theory fan to know that Sheldon has his spot on the couch, but did you notice that other characters also sit in 90% of scenes on the one spot. Leonard is always on the sofa left to Sheldon, Penny is almost always on the sofa across Sheldon, Howard is always next to Sheldon on the couch (except in situations when Amy or Bernadette sit between him and Sheldon), and Raj is always on the left side of the couch (viewers' left), or on the floor.


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