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5 mistakes in season 11

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The Proton Regeneration - S11-E6

Character mistake: While bedridden after his vasectomy, Howard asks Bernadette to grill up a couple steaks instead of picking up Chinese for dinner. She gives him a disapproving look and he says "Kung Pao Chicken, please." A major ingredient of Kung Pao Chicken is peanuts. A major allergy for Howard is peanuts. (00:09:04)

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Suggested correction: Since they are both quite well aware of it, they likely have either found a Chinese restaurant that doesn't use them, or they get it without peanuts.


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The Euclid Alternative - S2-E5

Question: Though it comes up in other episodes as well, this one is focused on Sheldon needing a ride everywhere he goes because he can't drive, not to mention his not being welcome on the bus. Of course, this story element would be nonexistent if there was a simple answer, but it does beg the question: Does Pasadena not have taxicabs?


Chosen answer: It does. The variable cleanliness of the cab and the habit of taxi drivers to engage customers in small talk would be too much for Sheldon to handle, and not an option for him.

Captain Defenestrator

Answer: Sheldon DID finally use a taxi when going to the airport to see and propose to Amy in New Jersey.

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