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Agent J: Is this thing off? Hey, I don't think it's all the way off, K! It's whirring and buzzing. I don't know if I don't know nothing.

Agent J: ...K?
Young Agent K: How do you know my name?

Agent J: Hey man, heck, how old are you?
Young Agent K: Twenty-nine.
Agent J: You got some city miles on you.

Agent J: See I call all the men K, and all the women O. And then when I see a couple I'm like, 'OK'.

Agent J: Man, I am getting too old for this. [Points to Agent K.] I can only imagine how you feel.

Woman in 5K: Can I help you?
Agent J: Uh... K?
Woman in 5K: 5K
Agent J: Uh... Um, I'm sorry, is that chocolate milk? Can I-? I'm so sorry. I don't know what...
[Agent J begins drinking the little girls' milk.]
Girl: Mommy, the President is drinking my milk.
Agent J: Mmm. I'm sorry.
Girl: He didn't say please.

Agent J: Who are we?
Agent K: We are no-one. Our mission is to monitor extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

Agent K: I promised the secrets of the universe, nothing more.
Agent J: So there's some secrets out there the universe don't know about?

Agent K: There are things out there you don't need to know about.
Agent J: That's not the lie you told me when you recruited me!

Wu: Hey, what you guys wanna bust my balls for, huh?
Agent J: You don't have no balls, Wu.

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Oscar: Sykes! My brother from another mother.

Angie: You're going way too far, Oscar.
Lenny: Actually, he hasn't gone far enough.
Oscar: Exactly... what?

Oscar: He trips underwater. Now who in the halibut trips underwater? And by the way, on what?

Oscar: Yo that was crazy, right? Who knew? I mean it's all set, we good to go, we had the money. And he trips underwater. Who in the hell-o-but trips underwater? And by the way, on what?

Oscar: Sometimes I just be coughing for nothin'.

Oscar: Sykes, the deal is off! That shark I killed was Don Lino's SON.
Sykes: I know! Ain't that great?
Oscar: Not if he finds out.

Oscar: Ernie! Bernie! My jellyfish brothers! Booyakah.

Oscar: Any shark that comes around in Oscar town is going down! I get poetic! In the heat I get poetic.

Katie Current: Oscar, are you going to continue working at the wash?
Oscar: Please, I barely work here now.

Oscar: What is with y'all living in a love boat? You're supposed to be the MOB, get yourselves a decent hideout.

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