Hancock (2008)

Ending / spoiler

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Hancock (Will Smith) stops a robbery at a store and is shot by one of the thieves. Since he was recently close by to Mary (Charlize Theron), he loses his powers and becomes mortal (the closer they are to one another, the weaker they get). He's rushed to the hospital, Mary visits him and explains that they've been together and apart since many thousands of years ago. 80 years ago, when they lived together in Miami, they went to see Frankenstein at a movie theater and they were attacked. Since they were together and he had no powers, he was injured severely (with a strong blow on the head he got amnesia). Mary left Hancock at the hospital and as soon as she went away, he got his powers and immortality back; she realized that they had to be apart so that he could have his powers and be a hero. Ray (Jason Bateman) and his son also visit Hancock and suddenly the lead crook from the hostage situation at the bank and two other convicts attack. Both Mary and Hancock are severely wounded and the lead crook almost kills Hancock but Ray helps out right in time and cuts off the crook's other hand. Hancock speeds away from the hospital so that Mary can regain her immortality. One month later, Ray and Mary are still together. Hancock continues to fight crime and he draws Ray's All Heart logo on the moon. During the end credits, Hancock responds to a hostage situation and it's suggested that he beats the crap out of the perpetrator because he calls Hancock an asshole...


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