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Corrected entry: When Hancock is in the hospital after the liquor-store robbery a reporter mentions that he was hospitalized due to "multiple gunshot wounds". During the robbery, however, he was only shot once.

Correction: There were in fact two gun shots which can be heard in the scene where Hancock throws the bar at the robber, and when it cuts to Hancock's torso you can see two bullet wounds, he even touches both.

Corrected entry: Why on earth would the prisoners gang up on Hancock in the prison yard and threaten him with violence? They know who he is, and they know he is an invulnerable superhero and could take everyone of them down painfully with one hand. Even those who don't have personal experience of him would know from the media reports that he cannot be beaten by a human being. Don't tell me they think he is a reformed character - they continue attacking him after he has violently punished two of them for merely threatening him - and they hurt themselves hitting him even if he just stood still and took it.

Correction: It wasn't so much as them believing they could beat him. But several factors here. The invincible superhero is suddenly in prison and not breaking out. It is reasonable to believe that a lot of inmates would think that perhaps he has been weakened and thus vulnerable and see this as opportunity for revenge. Even if that's not the case, basic prison mentality is to prove dominance and show no weakness. Attacking Hancock would demonstrate to the other prisoners that they did not have fear and were tough, even if they couldn't win as a way of proving themselves. Not only this, but the type of people in a prison tend to not be the most forward thinking type.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: John Hancock and Mary Embrey are both endowed with super powers, such as flight, healing ability, and invulnerability. The latter is demonstrated in that Hancock was unable to receive an IV when he was checked into the hospital (in the 1930s) as the needle simply broke off. How then is Mary able to have pierced ears? A needle would have broken, and even then, the wound would heal rapidly.

Correction: She could have had that done when they were together and vulnerable. Keep the earrings in and it couldn't heal over, so would presumably just heal around the hole.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film stationary, unoccupied cars are hit with debris, other cars, fridges, superheroes, and are turned upside down, knocked around or thrown sideways. Not one single car alarm goes off.

Correction: Not a lot of people bother with car alarms anymore because no one pays them any attention. They're just nuisances as far as most folks are concerned. Many cars still come with an alarm that goes off if someone tries to manually unlock a car that has been locked by remote, but that would not be activated by debris impacting the vehicle. There is too much speculation for this to qualify as a legitimate mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the box Hancock has from attack in the 1930s, it shows the back of a one dollar bill. During the attack he is going to see Frankenstein (a new movie at the time) which was released in 1931. The current back of the one dollar bill was not released until 1935.

Correction: Just because a movie was released in a specific year doesn't mean it wasn't still in the theater a few years later! Back then, movies didn't come out by the dozens every month, so they were available for much longer. For example, Gone with the Wind came out in 1939, and my mother saw it in the theater in the 70's. And Rocky Horror has been in the theaters continuously since its release in 1975. We don't know if this was a new release, or just new to him.

Kimberly Mason

Corrected entry: When Embrey is talking with Hancock in jail via the telephone intercom, they're facing each other through wire mesh reinforced glass. Hancock uses his fingernail to score a circle in the glass and then taps it out as a perfect circle. This type of glass would not tap out with scoring, since there's a wire mesh bonded between two layers of glass. At most he would've dislodged the interior pane and shattered the exterior pane.

Correction: Hancock has nails that with the lightest pressure have cut through the glass - I'm sure with this and his strength cutting through the metal wire beneath at the same time would be no problem.

Andrew Upton

Corrected entry: At the start when Hancock is stopping the car on the bridge, he rams his feet through the car floor to stop it. As the wide shot begins to show the car stopping, the back wheels of the car have locked up as though the handbrake has been applied, if Hancock was stopping the car this way there would be no wheel lock-up as the car is being stopped this way. (00:05:00)


Correction: He just shoved his feet through the bottom of the car. Damage to the rear axle is a given and would certainly freeze up the wheels.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Hancock gets inside the house you can see set lights on his sunglasses.


Correction: Since it's inside the house, there's a chance the reflection could be from lamps or other light fixtures in the house. If you could see the whole lighting stand onscreen, that would be one thing, but reflections of a light could be just light fixtures.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning we see Ray drinking a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee. There are no Dunkin' Donuts coffee shops in the greater Los Angeles area.

Maria Santos

Correction: Ray just reused the cup that he had from a prior purchase. There's no reason why he can't have been in another city on business, at some point in the past.

Corrected entry: Hancock throws the French child high up in the air (after it called him ass'ole several times). When it comes back down, he catches it with his arm. It really doesn't matter what stops a fall from such great height, an arm or the ground; the child would be dead for sure. (00:26:50 - 00:27:25)

Correction: Not necessarily. The ground has no "give" while an arm can catch the child, and give way, absobing energy. Anyway, people have fallen from heights as high as 15000 feet, and hit the ground after a parachute didn't open, and survived.

Corrected entry: When Hancock saves Jason Bateman from being hit by the train, he flips the car onto its roof, crushing it. In the next scene, he drops Jason Bateman and his car off at home and the roof has no damage to it.

Correction: First, the car is never shown to be "crushed". Second, Hancock is easily strong enough to pound out any dents that would have been made.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Embrey goes to Hancock's trailer to tell him about their past, Hancock says something to the effect of "sisters don't kiss their brothers the way you kissed me in the kitchen last night." In fact, the night before, they never kiss, they just come real close to kissing before she throws him through the wall.

Correction: Just got done watching it, and they actually kiss for several seconds before Mary throws Hancock through the wall.

Corrected entry: The locomotive in the train wreck was a low-powered switching engine. Dozens and dozens of rail cars kept piling up, yet that engine would not have been powerful enough to pull such a long train in the first place.

Correction: It is very possible that there were multiple engines pulling the train, it actually is quite common to have more than one.

Corrected entry: When Hancock tells Michel to call him an asshole one more time and throws him into the air, notice that when the boy Hancock called "Goggles" looks up in the air he wears glasses but they suddenly disappear. (00:21:15)

Correction: In between the two shots, "Thickness" manages to change his shirt, hair color, and body build. "Goggles" manages to change his shirt, glasses, and ethnicity. So obviously, they are not the same children in both shots.

Corrected entry: Spoiler Alert: When the 'superwoman' tells Hancock that they were built in pairs so that they could live together and die together, it completely contradicts what happens at the end of the film. As she is is lying dead on the hospital bed, Hancock uses the last of his strength to move far away from her, thus causing her to live again and both of them start becoming immortal once more. If this is the case, then when one of their kind dies, as long as the one who is alive is far enough, the being that died will come back to life and both will become immortal again.

Correction: She explains to him that there is a reason why they lose their powers over time when they pair up, and that is so that they can grow old and die together like normal mortals. SO, presumably the others died because they chose to become mortals and live normal human lifetimes.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: (SPOILER ALERT) When Hancock returns in the morning after he has been tossed out of the house by Mary, he tries to stab her with a fork only to see it bend when she is stabbed. But later you find out that when these two are close to each other, their powers weaken and they can be killed and shot, just like normal people.

Correction: Their powers weaken over a long stretch of time. Hancock still has all of his powers for some time after being around Mary, then gradually loses individual abilities. At this point in the movie Mary still had the power of impermeability.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: After Hancock gets called out of jail, the officer tells him to rescue the cop that's down. The criminals pull out the rocket launcher and it pans over to a view of the officer when she is near the tire of the police car. But when Hancock gets to her, she's moved to the middle of the car somehow.

Correction: She was shot, but not incapacitated. There was time between the cuts for her to move to the center of the car.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Hancock stops the robbers and impales the SUV on the building, the engine should come out from the hood. Instead spires penetrate the engine block.

Correction: The engine "should"? One engine mount can have broken, tilting the motor over in its compartment, allowing the spire to pass through without the engine protruding.


Corrected entry: Hancock meets up with the super powered woman, who explains to him that he will start losing his powers the longer he's near by. Problem is, when he gets shot in the liquor store, he's nowhere near her. Even if he had just come directly from their home it wouldn't matter, because later in the movie it's established that Hancock regains his powers when he's only a few feet away from her in a very short time. (When he's leaps out the window, she miraculously awakens.) And he'd only been out of her sight for a few moments before he's up and flying again.

Correction: She told Hancock in the hospital that the "power lost" has never been this fast before, so either the writers caught the goof in time or it really is planned.

Corrected entry: Hancock is all bulletproof, of course. But that shouldn't make his new, black superhero suit prepared by his PR manager bulletproof, too. When he is going into the war-zone in the bank robbery sequence, you can see the bullets bouncing off his suit, making no hole whatsoever. However, we know that his superpowers do not extend to his clothes, evidenced by his sunglasses being broken by bullets, and all his clothes burnt off due to a fire.

Correction: We do not know what the suit is made of. It could be kevlar which would make it bullet proof.


But his suit doesn't even scratch or scar. Even Kevlar scratches and dents. There should be some kind of mark on it.

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Hancock: Call me an asshole, one more time.



Basic physics - Hancock throws Michel from a dead stop to above cloud level in about eleven seconds. The clouds are bog standard cumulus which form at around 7,000 metres in temperate zones. This means that Michel accelerates to about 700 metres per second instantly, from a dead stop. Obviously he cannot accelerate during his ascent, so his starting speed has to be at least that. (In fact he would have to start his ascent much, much faster than 700 metres per second as he would be constantly decelerating due to gravity and air resistance, but it will do as a start point.) Michel accelerates from 0 to 2,520 kilometres per hour - twice the speed of sound - in zero seconds. He would be accelerating at around 5000 Gs, turning him into a very long streak of fine, pink mist.



Will Smith has his own signature line, which is called 'Oh Hell no.' He says it at least once in almost all his movies, including this one.