Men in Black II

Trivia: The first alien in the mail room that Will Smith starts to talk to in alien language is a rapper known in real life as Biz Markie. He is really making those noises with his mouth. (00:28:35)

Trivia: The little girl who asks Kay for stamps in the post office and Jay lifts out of the way is the director (Barry Sonnefeld)'s daughter. (00:27:40)

Trivia: When J & K go to K's old house and there is a family sat on the sofa, centre of the three people is the movie's director Barry Sonnenfeld. The little girl on the couch of K's old house is Tommy Lee Jones's daughter, Victoria. The mom is played by associate producer Stephanie Kemp. Sonnefeld was horrified to see he had a bald patch and wanted it covered by CGI. (From the DVD Audio Comentary with Barry Sonnefeld.) (01:00:00)

Trivia: In the MIB head quarters, when they've got the inspecting thing you go past (this is almost right before Serleena takes over the building), you can see a bald looking alien. You then watch from the back view as a ponytailed, earring wearing man puts a wig on the alien to make it look human. The man with the ponytail is Academy Award Winner Rick Baker, who did all the makeup effects for this film and the first Men In Black film. (00:33:55)

Trivia: Towards the end when J and K are flying in the jetcar (or whatever) to get away from Serleena, they neuralyze two kids in the street. The two kids are Will Smith's sons, Jaden and Trey Smith. (01:11:10)

Trivia: In the room where J fights Jarra, there are a lot of ships and equipment laying around. In the shots where J is talking to Jarra there is a ship located behind J and to the left. Although it's been given a shiny chrome look for the movie, this is the same ship that was used in the 1963 TV series "My Favorite Martian," that starred Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. (01:06:25)

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Trivia: There are two different versions of the scene where Jay and Kevin/Kay first enter the deneuralyzer: one with Kevin in his civilian post-office uniform (seen in the trailer) and one with Kevin in his old MIB suit (seen in the film). (00:33:20)

Trivia: In the pizza parlour, the guy wearing the astronaut suit in the picture is production designer Bo Welch. (00:39:35)

Trivia: In the sceen when J is in the mail room with K and the three aliens are revealing themselves the one that removes half of his his body in the middle is John Andrew Berton Jr., who is the visual effects supervisor for Men in Black II. (00:29:10)

Trivia: When J neuralizes the other agent in the cafe he tells one of the waitresses that he likes her. This waitress is Barry Sonnefeld's step-daughter. (00:14:45)

Trivia: The beat box sound that Will Smith does in the backroom of the post office is the same one he did on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Ashley. (00:28:25)

Trivia: At Grand Central station they go to locker C-18, which contains the little fuzzy creatures. The director stole his own sequence from "Get Shorty" (at the airport with John Travolta) including the same locker number (from the DVD Audio Commentary with Barry Sonnefeld). (00:50:20)

Trivia: When the final two Jarra clones crash into each other and explode, eagle-eared viewers may notice that right before the shot ends, mixed in with the sounds of the explosions is a demonic scream that was taken from the video-game "Doom II." It's the sound that the "Hell Knights" make when they die.

Trivia: The Mercedes E-Class (W221) driven by J in the movie is actually a German version, because the car hadn't been released in the US when the movie was shot.


Trivia: Reportedly, the film's rushed, patchy pacing (particularly during the second half) was the result of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. A large portion of the film (including the entire original scripted climax) took place in and around the World Trade Center towers. When the 9/11 attacks happened during production, the director and writers were forced to do a lot of last-minute re-writes during filming, which caused some problems with the overall tone and pace of the film. As a result, the film ended up being less than 90 minutes, and it was shown in theaters with a short-film ("The ChubbChubbs") to help pad out the experience for filmgoers.

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Trivia: After agent J gets rid of Jeff the giant worm, he neuralizes the passengers on board what's left of the subway. One of the passengers is none other than Rick Avery, who is a stunt coordinator for many other movies. (00:10:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Frank the dog is growling at the agent in the park his teeth are fine but later talking to Zed he is told he can have better dental. He smiles and his teeth are horrible. (00:23:50 - 00:31:10)

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Agent Kay: Is that standard?
Agent Jay: No it came with a black dude, but he kept getting pulled over.

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Question: I never understood the two people on the bikes, you know the people with all the stars. What are they suppose to represent?

Answer: They don't represent anything. Barry Sonnenfeld says in the commentary that he simply likes to use that cycling couple as he thinks that it is a cool visual.

Garlonuss Premium member

Answer: They are extraterrestrials, the fact they are weird gives it away to K now he has been deneuralized. He started to notice them again as his mind is rebooting.


Answer: And apparently they are a couple who actually live in that area of New York. So they may be familiar to some who see them in the movie.

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