Bad Boys for Life

Trivia: During Meghan Burnett's wedding, the guy on the mic giving a quick speech is none other than Bad Boys 1 and 2 director Michael Bay.

Trivia: One of the two girls who does not allow Mike and Marcus into the club is Martin Lawrence's real-life daughter, Jasmine Lawrence.

Trivia: The man who hits on Rita at the club is director Bilall Fallah, while the man whose car is taken by Mike Lowrey when leaving the club is director Adil El Arbi.


Trivia: In the trailer Martin Lawrence gets out of the passenger side of Will Smith's valuable car and his door gets damaged hitting a fire hydrant. This is a reference to an actual behind-the-scenes moment in Bad Boys 2 when Lawrence did the same thing, hitting a concrete barrier whilst exiting the expensive Ferrari used in the film. It infuriated Michael Bay and Lawrence was highly apologetic.

Gavin Jackson

Trivia: There is extra scene in the credits with Mike talking with Armando in prison.


Continuity mistake: When Marcus sees his baby grandson, a nurse in the background is picking up a white diaper. In the close-up the diaper is now blue.

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