Bad Boys for Life

Mike realises that Armando is his son, the result of an affair with Isabel when undercover. He and Marcus go to Mexico to confront them both - Marcus calls the AMMO team who come to help. Mike goes to meet Isabel and Armando at an abandoned hotel alone, with Marcus and the team in support. A gunfight breaks out, and the building is set ablaze. Mike and Armando fight, with Mike refusing to take him down - he tells Armando the truth, who confronts his mother, and Isabel admits it all. She then shoots at Mike, but Armando, struggling with the knowledge that he's been lied to his whole life, steps into the path of the bullet, taking the hit. Rita kills Isabel. Marcus is at risk of falling into the fire, and Mike is struggling to hold onto him - Armando helps, pulling Marcus to safety, and they all escape the building. Mike tells Armando that he can't promise everything will be OK, given the crimes he committed, but he promises to be there for Armando from now on. Rita becomes the new captain, Marcus decides not to retire, and Mike accepts his role as an uncle. He later visits Armando in prison, who's accepted he needs to "pay his debt". Mike suggests his debt can be "paid down" by helping out with a new case.

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Factual error: When Armando fired the M141 SMAW-D from the helo, there was no back blast out of the other side, not to mention the other man is the back would have maybe had his face blown off from the back blast also. (01:20:10)

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Detective Marcus Burnett: I'mma penetrate this man's soul wit my heart.
Detective Mike Lowrey: What?

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Trivia: Will Smith dismisses the new task force "AMMO" as "a high school musical boyband with guns." AMMO member Kelly is played by Vanessa Hudgens, who starred in the High School Musical franchise.

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