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Trivia: Even though Frank the pug doesn't appear, there are a couple of references to him. The first one is a big picture of him over J's bed and when J gets pulled over by the cops, there is a billboard advertising for "The Amazing Talking Pug." (00:22:35 - 00:40:25)


Trivia: Rick Baker, the special make up effects artist, appears as the alien with an exposed cranium at Z's funeral. (00:08:25)

Trivia: During the Apollo 11 launch, the film cuts to various people watching it on television. One of the people is Barry Sonnenfeld, the director of the Men in Black films.

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Trivia: When Agent J returns to MiB after being suspended, you see him pass the big screen with the aliens that are being watched. Two of them are Bill Gates and Lady Gaga. (00:20:15)

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Trivia: When J is looking at all the aliens at MIB HQ (1969), Griffin can be seen there at one point. (00:43:20)

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Trivia: Rip Torn did not reprise his role of MIB director "Zed" in this third film due to legal issues stemming from a 2010 arrest. Despite not reprising the role, however, there are some unconfirmed reports Torn appears in a cameo as one of the aliens in the background of Zed's funeral, albeit under heavy makeup.

Trivia: Makeup effects artist Rick Baker has confirmed that during the film, particularly during the Coney Island scene, there are aliens hidden in the background of many shots and extras with subtle alien makeup effects added, in order to emphasize the fact that aliens had been integrated into New York City's population very subtly. Many of them require careful observation, or even going frame-by-frame to notice.

Trivia: Judy Murdock, Will Smith's personal make up artist, appears as a blue-skinned alien at Z's funeral. (00:08:25)

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Continuity mistake: As the hand creature busts the shackles off Boris' legs in Lunar Max, you can see the bottoms of his pants over his metal prison boots. There are only a few folds and wrinkles over his left foot, and the pants over right foot are hardly wrinkled at all, or affected as the creature climbs up his right leg. But only a couple of seconds later, we see another shot of Boris' feet as the creature breaks off the metal sleeve of his arm, and suddenly his pants legs are very wrinkled. Boris was standing perfectly still the entire time. Boris' legs are also suddenly closer together. (00:03:35)

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Agent J: That, gentlemen, is a standard-issue neuralyzer. But you're not gonna remember that. And just because you see a black man driving a nice car does not mean it's stolen! ...Uh, eh. I stole that one. But not because I'm black!

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Question: O says that back in Cape Canaveral, in the unaltered time line, something happened to K that changed him. All that's really said though, is that he stopped and arrested Boris the Animal there. So what exactly was it that changed K?

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Chosen answer: He saw J's father murdered by Boris. In the unaltered timeline, J says that his father wasn't around. We see this at the end and it's also why J was recruited into the Men In Black. K was keeping an eye on him the whole time.

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