Men in Black III
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Continuity mistake: As the hand creature busts the shackles off Boris' legs in Lunar Max, you can see the bottoms of his pants over his metal prison boots. There are only a few folds and wrinkles over his left foot, and the pants over right foot are hardly wrinkled at all, or affected as the creature climbs up his right leg. But only a couple of seconds later, we see another shot of Boris' feet as the creature breaks off the metal sleeve of his arm, and suddenly his pants legs are very wrinkled. Boris was standing perfectly still the entire time. Boris' legs are also suddenly closer together.


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Continuity mistake: After the time line is fixed, J meets K in the diner. In one shot, the spoon that is by K's plate moves to the edge of the table, then a few shots later it's back to its original position.


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Men in Black III mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After busting out of the cake and killing the two Lunar Max guards, Boris' hand creature goes to free him. It first blasts spikes at the shackles on his legs and busts them, then begins climbing up to work on Boris' arm piece. In the shot where his leg shackles come off, you see the spike the creature shoots at them stuck in the metal and hanging off to the side. But in the shot where his arm piece falls to the floor, these spikes have vanished from his leg shackles.


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Factual error: The flag of Spain shown at Cape Canaveral is not the official one used in 1969 but the one adopted in 1981.


Continuity mistake: When Boris asks the guards in Lunar Max to cut up the cake for him and his girlfriend, she turns towards the guards holding the cake. Her head is leaning slightly forward and tilted to the right. The camera cuts back some and suddenly her head is tilted left and back.


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Continuity mistake: In the first Men in Black, when K is deleting J's history; He deletes his birthday which was in 1975. The third film is set in 1969 and when K meets a young J, he is about 7 or 8. This would mean he was born no later than 1962, not 1975.


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Suggested correction: K First met J in 1969 and knows he will meet him again due to the time travel events in the movie. Agent O said that time travel was banned because it was so dangerous. Presumably, K could have been dismissed from the MIB if it was found that he knew of a time travel event and did not report it. Therefore, immediately following the events of the movie, Young K probably altered J's birth certificate himself, knowing that he could get away with it. Note the smirk on K's face in the first movie when he deleted J's birth certificate that he had altered himself.

Suggested correction: The Manhattan birth certificate that was deleted by K in the first MIB shows J's birthday as October 19th, 1969. Meaning J would not have even been alive for the moon launch.

Plot hole: When (future) Agent J and (future) Boris are fighting on top of the large red docking station for the spaceship, Agent J gets shot deliberately by Boris and jumps off the edge of the dock. Then he uses his time travel device to go back in time a few seconds earlier to be able to dodge the shots. There are a few mistakes in this part. 1) There should be another Agent J and Boris there too, as they have gone back in time to that moment again. However in the movie there are only two of them. 2) The injuries sustained by Agent J (the bone spikes in his abdomen) should have remained there when he went back in time. If it were true that you healed once you went back in time into the condition you were in at that moment, then Boris should have grown an arm back when he went back in time. 3) Due to the time loop, Agent J remembers how to dodge the shots, while Boris doesn't remember anything and is surprised by the outcome.

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Continuity mistake: When K suspends J, the small cup on the counter keeps changing positions and moving further away between shots.


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Factual error: In the film, in 1969, prior to the launch of Apollo 11 the moon is shown to be a full moon, however, in reality, on the night before the launch the moon was a tiny crescent moon.


Continuity mistake: When Boris says "You complete me", just after he is introduced near the start of the movie, the dead cop's head position changes.


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Men in Black III mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Griffin foresees the end of the baseball game his hands are on the J and K's backs, but a frame later he's grabbing their arms.


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Men in Black III mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When J shows Jeffrey the alien invasion on TV, the notebook on the counter swaps from open to closed, and then back to open between shots.


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Continuity mistake: When J is digging through files to try and find out what happened between Boris and K, O comes in and talks to him for a moment. As she is leaving, shots of J shows he is leaning back in his seat. But when O is shown, the glass wall she is by shows his reflection, leaning forward and slouching.


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Factual error: The Army Colonel says "Take them to the brig". However, the brig is used in the Navy. The Army has the stockade.


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Continuity mistake: When J is charging Boris and keeping track of the spikes that the alien shoots at him so he can dodge them on the second try, Boris first shoots and hits J in the left shoulder. Then the second shot hits J in the right as J says "right" and the third shot hits his left side. Then when he goes back in time a few seconds, the only thing to change is J knows the sequence of which Boris will shoot the spikes. Only it is different. J dodges the first one and says "right" as it passes his right side. Followed by two lefts, and then a forth one on the right. Yet previously, it was left first, then right, and then left again only three. It goes from left right left, to right left left right.


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Continuity mistake: When J and K are driving to Cosmic Lanes, they drive past the exact same white truck three times.


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Continuity mistake: When Jeffrey places the time-remote control on the counter it lays next to a notebook. In the close-up it's gone.


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Continuity mistake: When past and future Boris meet, past Boris turns towards future Boris completely and has his full body facing future Boris as he is walking toward him. But as future Boris is still walking towards past Boris and saying the line about spending the next 40 years in prison, past Boris suddenly has his body turned away from future Boris, and so future Boris has to step around in front of past Boris.


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Continuity mistake: As Boris says "I see you've brought me a treat, darling" to his girlfriend in Lunar Max, she turns her head from the guards and looks at the cake. It cuts to a closer view of Boris' face, and instantly she is looking at him instead of the cake.


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Continuity mistake: At the electronic store, when J arrives, the headphones on the counter keep changing position between shots.


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Cop 1: Well, look at this. Power windows, power seats. I bet you the thing cost 6 grand.
Agent J: Ah, yes, and it has a roof, but it's hidden.
Cop 2: Hey, what kind of work do you do? An individual of your... Particular ethic persuasion?
Agent J: Mmm...
Cop 1: Maybe he's a noted athlete.
Agent J: Mmmm! Yes. Starting forward for the Detroit Darkies.
Cop 1: Where'd you get the car?
Cop 2: And the suit?
Agent J: I stole them both. Uh, car from your wife, suit from your grandmother.



Even though Frank the pug doesn't appear, there are a couple of references to him. The first one is a big picture of him over J's bed and when J gets pulled over by the cops, there is a billboard advertising for "The Amazing Talking Pug."