The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Papa's Got a Brand-New Excuse - S4-E24

Trivia: Ben Vereen, who played Will's dad Lou, admitted that as soon as he walked out of camera range, he immediately broke down into tears.


Papa's Got a Brand-New Excuse - S4-E24

Trivia: At the end of the episode, as the camera zooms in on the statue on the table, Karyn Parsons can be heard crying backstage.


Trivia: Janet Hubert plays Vivian Banks, mother of Hilary Banks (Karyn Parsons). In real life, Hubert is only 10 years older than Parsons.

Trivia: In this episode Will goes to the dance with an annoying date called Claudia which is played by Nia Long. Several seasons later Nia Long comes back on the show as Lisa Wilkes, Will's fiancée.

The Fresh Prince Project - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: When Will staples his Malcom X poster to the wall, the wall bends back and forth for a second or two.

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Bang the Drum, Ashley - S1-E2

Hilary: He's punishing her.
Philip: No, Hilary. I just want her to spend some time with her family.
Hilary: Same thing.

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Mistaken Identity - S1-E6

Question: Why does Carlton believe that his driving too slow was the reason he got pulled over? Will even stated that the real reason they were pulled over is because two black people driving an expensive car in a lower-middle income neighborhood looked suspicious. It was a case of racial profiling but, at the end of the episode, Carlton still believed it was because he drove too slowly.

Answer: Because Carlton is naive, trusting, and optimistic. He lived a pretty sheltered life in Bel-Air and just doesn't think police officers would do anything unjust. At this point in his life, he just hasn't gone through the things Will has to make him think otherwise.

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