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Detective Spooner: Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful painting?
Sonny: Can you?

Sonny: 2880 steps, detective.
Del Spooner: Do me a favor and keep that kind of shit to yourself.

Detective Spooner: Hey! Did you just shoot at me with your eyes closed?
Dr. Calvin: Well, it worked, didn't it?

Lawrence Robertson: Just imagine the mass recalls, all because of irrational paranoia and predjudice.
[Spooner sneezes loudly.]
Detective Spooner: Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit.

VIKI: You are making a mistake. My logic is undeniable.
Del Spooner: You have so got to die.

Detective Spooner: So, Dr. Calvin, what exactly do you do around here?
Dr. Calvin: My general fields are advanced robotics and phsychiatry. Although, I specialize in hardware-to-wetware interfaces... In an effort to advance U.S.R.'s robotic anthropomorphization program.
Detective Spooner: So, what exactly do you do around here?
Dr. Calvin: I make the robots seem more human.
Detective Spooner: Now wasn't that easier to say?
Dr. Calvin: Not really, no.

Revealing mistake: In the climax of the movie when Spooner and Calvin are fighting off the robots, there is a shot of Spooner standing on one of the catwalks shooting the robots as the camera spins around vertically. At the end of this shot if you look closely you can see Spooner's neck stretch out as if he was getting choked well before the robot actually grabs him.

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Trivia: Often times when a movie is distributed the name of the movie on the actual can is changed or altered to prevent piracy. The name on this movie was "Hal," a reference to "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968).

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Question: If Lanning really had leaped from that distance, wouldn't he be unrecognizable upon impact and not with only a little bit of blood coming from his mouth?

Answer: He'd certainly have a lot of internal injuries that aren't visible, would probably have more injuries showing than that trickle of blood, but wouldn't necessarily be "unrecognizable."

Phixius Premium member

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