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Marcus Burnett: My ass still hurts from what you did to it the other night.
Mike Lowrey: Hey, it got rough. We got caught up in the moment, shit got crazy. You know how I get.
Marcus Burnett: When you popped me from behind I think you damaged some nerves.

Marcus Burnett: You see that?
Mike Lowrey: They throwin' cars! How'd I not see that?
Marcus Burnett: Hey, Mike, I'm just trying to be helpful.
Mike Lowrey: Hey, you'd know what would be fuckin' helpful, Marcus? Just shut the fuck up and let me drive, let's try that!

Mike Lowrey: Captain, is it possible we can discuss potential reimbursement...
Capt. Howard: The department doesn't cover personal property, that's why we drive police cars.

Mike Lowrey: Motherfucker, I heard the boy say your name Reggie? You wanna be takin' Megan out?
Reggie: Yes, sir?
Mike Lowrey: How old is you?
Reggie: Fifteen.
Mike Lowrey: Shit, ni**a. You at least thirty.

Mike Lowrey: Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Mike Lowrey: It ain't exactly a pool, man. It's like a big-ass puddle wrapped in blue plastic.

Floyd Poteet: We've got our rights.
Mike Lowrey: Why don't you exercise your right to shut the fuck up?

Mike Lowrey: See, that's that new spiritual shit my partner's on. Me? I actually prefer shooting motherfuckers.

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Nick Jakoby: I think we might be in a Prophecy.
Daryl Ward: We're not in a Prophecy, all right?
Nick Jakoby: How do you know?
Daryl Ward: We're in a stolen Toyota Corolla.

OG Mike: Yo, that Fairy been all up in my crib, eating up my dog food and shit. I'm about to call the city, man.
Daryl Ward: I am the city. All right? You save your dime. Fairy lives don't matter today.

Nick Jakoby: You're fearless. You always know what to do. What you did tonight, that's what it takes for an Orc to get blooded. An act of great bravery. To me, you're like a blooded human.
Daryl Ward: I used to be like you. Think you can save everybody and fix everything and... Now I just pretend to be a good dude. You still are one.

Pollard: That's magic right there. That's whatever you want. You want a million dollars? You want ten million? You wanna be taller or shorter? Make your dick bigger? You wanna go back in time, marry the girl who didn't blow you on prom night? That's how you do it, right there.
Daryl Ward: Well, we had different prom nights.

Daryl Ward: I need to know if you're a cop first, or an Orc first. I need to hear you say it.
Nick Jakoby: Ward, I... I wanted to be a cop since I was a little kid. I am nothing else. My badge means more to me than the air I breathe. So don't question me.

Daryl Ward: Drive it like you stole it.

Daryl Ward: The hell are you?
Leilah: I'm a warrior - a priestess - a lover. I am whatever my Lord needs me to be.

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Howard: Death came first. She met me in the dog park.
Madeline: Oh, so Death is a "her?"
Howard: Uh, yeah. It turns out Death is an elderly white woman.

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Dr. Bennet Omalu: Cyril, I can not go back to Nigeria. Everything that I am is here. My child has got to be born in America.
Dr. Cyril Wecht: Don't worry, I'll get you a job. Hey, you can work with me in the prison laundry.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Tell the truth! Tell the truth.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: By my calculations, Mike Webster has sustained more than 70,000 blows to his head.

Dr. Cyril Wecht: What if they show up here with a warrant?
Dr. Bennet Omalu: On suspicion of what? Science?

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