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House Party picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Kid N Play are freestyle battling, you hear mixing in the background. But Bilal is not mixing, but in fact watching Kid N Play.

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The 40 Year Old Virgin picture

Audio problem: In wideshots as Andy is driving along in the car with drunk girl, as they speak in the car we can see their mouths are shut. (00:28:20)

Hamster Premium member
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Ben-Hur picture

Audio problem: When the rowers in the Roman galley were going normal speed, you could tell that the drum was sounding before the drummer hit it.

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Legend picture

Audio problem: After Jack dives into the water, Lily's first scream doesn't fit.

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The Nutty Professor picture

Audio problem: In the scene at the alumni ball right after Sherman's father says "That's strike three," to his wife, she begins to walk off and he starts saying gibberish things, his head is turned so that you can see his beard. Neither his cheeks nor beard are moving, even though you can hear him making those gibberish noises.

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Annapolis picture

Audio problem: At the beginning of the film, while James Franco is still down on the mat, we see (but do not hear) the boxing judge's mouth say "five". When the sound comes in, the judge continues the count at four, five, etc.

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Jailhouse Rock picture

Audio problem: In one of his most famous movie scenes, Elvis lip syncs the wrong words to Jailhouse Rock. Watch his lips when he sings the words "The (band) was jumpin' down, the joint began to swing." (01:05:00)

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St. Elmo's Fire picture

Audio problem: When Wendy and Jules are talking in the bathroom, two women walk by and say "Hi Leslie" and "Hi Les, how ya doing?" to Leslie. It is easy to see that their mouths do not move in sync with the words that are heard.

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A Guy Thing picture

Audio problem: During the wedding part at the end the movie, when Paul announces he doesn't want to marry Kerry, Kerry looks at him and says, "Paul?" but you can see she is really saying, "What?" The voiceover comes in late as well. This is on the video version.

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The Scorpion King picture

Audio problem: When Mathayus and his friends are attacking Memnon's palace, there is a scene where Memnon's general rides at Balthazar on a horse, but then falls off. Balthazar holds a spear at his neck. The shot then changes so we can't see the general and he stabs him and he screams loudly. But if the spear went through his neck (as it should have, as it didn't move anywhere but down) he should not have been able to scream. (01:16:55)

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Casanova picture

Audio problem: When we first see Francesca and her family in their house, in any wide shots showing Francesca's brother, Giovanni, his mouth is not moving in sync with what he is saying.

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Elizabethtown picture

Audio problem: Outside the hotel, Drew tells Claire about the "fiasco" and says, "And by the way, I didn't say million. I said billion!" In the next shot facing Claire, he is still talking though nothing is heard. (01:23:55)

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Splash picture

Audio problem: After leaving Bloomingdales, Allen and Madison start talking. Allen says to her "Just begin when you were born and finish up right when you blew up the TV's." His mouth doesn't move at all when this is said. (00:41:15)

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Rumor Has It picture

Audio problem: During Jennifer Aniston's conversation with her grandmother, whenever the person facing away from us speaks their mouth doesn't move.

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Slackers picture

Audio problem: In the scene of the final exam James King is given a hair doll. You hear her say "Ethan, is this a hair doll?" As she is saying that, the camera turns to her and she's not speaking.

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The Parent Trap picture

Audio problem: When Susan is playing the guitar, it has an electric guitar sound. Susan is not playing an electric guitar and neither is Hecky so the guitar should not sound like that.

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Junior picture

Audio problem: There is a scene in the lab where Arnie is explaining his pregnancy to Emma. The shot cuts to a side-on, rear shot of Arnie and it is very clear his mouth or jaw isn't moving and yet you can hear him talking.

David Mercier
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Hideous Kinky picture

Audio problem: When Julia and the girls are sitting with Eva discussing Bilal's disappearance towards the end, you can see Eva's mouth isn't moving in time with what she is saying.

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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her picture

Audio problem: When Rosa walks over to Albert's house at night the door falls close just before she gets there. The closing sound can be heard before the door slams shut. (01:04:05)

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For Love of the Game picture

Audio problem: As the play by play announcer calls the final inning of the final game he describes the ground out to third as a ball "hit to the right side". A ground ball to third would have been described as hit to the left side.

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