French Kiss

French Kiss (1995)

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Factual error: If you take the train from Paris to Cannes you won't pass the Eiffel tower.

Audio problem: All Air Canada employees speak with a very pronounced French accent rather than the expected French-Canadian accent.


Factual error: Kate and Charlie live in Toronto. When we first see them in their car, at the beginning of the movie, it has no license plate in the front. In Ontario, cars are required by law to have a plate in the front as well as in the back. While some jurisdictions may be lax in applying their two-plates law, Ontario isn't.


Other mistake: During the scene where Luc and Kate first meet on the plane and are talking, Luc gets up to go to the bathroom (the second time). When he returns to his seat, the plane has landed, Kate is sleeping, and the other passengers are deboarding. There's no way he would have been allowed to remain in the rest room during a landing.

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant at Cannes, Meg Ryan stumbles backward over a dessert cart and lands with her face clearly on the floor. After a cutaway to the diners' reacting to the crash, Meg's face is squarely in a chocolate cake. Maybe she just became hungry after the accident.

Continuity mistake: When Kate comes out of the bathroom after taking her shower in Cannes, she has thick eye shadow on. That's some shower she's had...


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Suggested correction: Her hair is also dry and styled. It's obvious that she did her hair and makeup before leaving the bathroom.

immortal eskimo

Continuity mistake: When Kate and Luc are chatting in the plane, a shot from the outside shows the man behind sleeping, with his face turned towards the window, but the next shot, inside, shows his head facing straight forward.


Kate: Spasm! Spasm! Oh, God, here it comes... lactose intolerance.

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Question: When Kate, Luc, Charlie and Juliette are all on the beach, Kate introduces Luc to Charlie. Luc then says something in French (right after he says, "Sweetie-pie?") which isn't subtitled. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Answer: He says "enchanté" - French for "it's a pleasure to meet you".

Answer: "Maintenant je comprends tout." Now I understand everything.

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