The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther (1963)

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Continuity mistake: When Princess Dala is drunk on the tiger rug, her champagne glass jumps from her right hand to her left just after she says "tally ho .... no more virgin queen".


Revealing mistake: During the scene in Clouseau's hotel room at night, there is a light outside which shines on the net curtains to simulate moonlight. This light is off when the room lights are on, and is turned on when the room lights are turned off. At one point, when Inspector Clouseau is going into the bathroom after giving the sleeping pill to his wife, the fake moonlight suddenly turns on for no reason.


Continuity mistake: Just after Princess Dala says "want to be friends Charlie", her cigarette jumps from her left hand to her right. Not only does her cigarette jump around, as the scene goes on, it disappears.


Factual error: The trial is of an Englishman (Sir Charles) in an Italian court after an lengthy investigation by the French police (Clouseau et al). Why are all cash amounts being given in dollars? No-one there uses them at all! (01:50:00)


Continuity mistake: After Inspector Clouseau has got the blanket he closes the cupboard door. When Mrs. Clouseau gets up to see Sir Charles the door is open.


Audio problem: When Sir Charles opens the champagne in the Princess' chalet, the sound effect of the cork popping happens after he has removed the cork.


Continuity mistake: After the trial the crowd of onlookers rushes up the steps of the courthouse - there are 2 shots of this, one from in front and one behind. The crowd is different in the two shots. E.g. at the front in the first shot is a lady in a white coat and a lady in a green coat and red hat. Leading the pack in the second shot is a lady in a green coat and black hat. (01:52:00)


Continuity mistake: Before the opening credits, the king is told the flaw in the diamond resembles a 'leaping panther'. When the credits start, we zoom in on the flaw to see the Pink Panther sitting down.


Continuity mistake: The first scene in Paris is of a man reading a newspaper by the Seine - there is a barge going slowly down the river behind him. When a woman approaches and gives him a package, the barge has disappeared.


Continuity mistake: After the two gorilla's have found the safe empty they are chased by the police. Gorilla George jumps in his red car and exits through the gate to the left side (of the screen) followed by a closed police car. Then gorilla Charles comes through the gate in a silver car, exits right (ditto) followed by a police jeep. (Thus indicating different roads followed) The next shot starts the town square scenes. First enters George in his red car, followed by the jeep, third is Carles with the silver car and chased by the closed police car. This surely could be possible during the confusing runarounds, but not at the start of it.


Continuity mistake: When the Maharishi places the necklace on the girl, the lower tip of the pink panther lies over a golden embroidery. In the close-up previous to the credits the embroidery is gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Clouseau is trying to get into bed with his wife and things keep happening, the bed makes itself while he gets the milk. The top sheet was messy in the previous shots.

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Woman: I've never really known another man like him. He can keep ten girls in the air at once and make each one happy.
Princess Dala: Amazing, sort of a contemporary Don Juan?

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Trivia: During the bath-tub scene, Robert Wagner was engulfed in an industrial strength foaming agent and was blind for four weeks. At one point, the producers considered replacing Wagner, but director Blake Edwards stuck by him and he managed to complete the picture.

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