Best romance movie audio problems of 2003

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The Lizzie McGuire Movie picture

Audio problem: When Lizzie is performing at the end of the movie at the awards show, at the part where we see her from the back facing the blue light, her voice sounds like it's changing. It seems like it's someone much older singing, or the synthesizer went wrong. It just obviously isn't Lizzie's voice anymore.

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Alex and Emma picture

Audio problem: When Alex is trying to talk Emma into staying as they walk down the stairs in Alex's apartment building, Alex mouths something completely different from what is being said.

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American Wedding picture

Audio problem: When Stifler is driving his car away after he wrecked the flowers, he says, "Fu**ers, it's not my fault," but it's visible through the window that he's not saying anything.

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Peter Pan picture

Audio problem: Peter tells Wendy, John and Michael, "There are mermaids! Indians! Pirates!" We hear the children repeat, "Pirates!" but their mouths do not actually say it. (00:22:45)

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The Sleeping Dictionary picture

Audio problem: When John confronts Selima about the baby and they've walked out of the house and down the steps, from the side of her face you can see Selima's lips moving even though there is no sound coming out.

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Uptown Girls picture

Audio problem: Just after Molly gets fired and she sees Neal while crossing the street, he says something like, "...been able to write a decent song since I last saw you..." His lips don't match what he's saying.

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Cold Mountain picture

Audio problem: During the scene where Ada and her father are talking about the farm, and how they will manage come winter, Ada says : ...."But with no-one left to work this place, nothing to buy, nothing to buy it with".... her mouth only starts moving to what she is saying half way through the sentence.

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A Guy Thing picture

Audio problem: During the wedding part at the end the movie, when Paul announces he doesn't want to marry Kerry, Kerry looks at him and says, "Paul?" but you can see she is really saying, "What?" The voiceover comes in late as well. This is on the video version.

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Lost in Translation picture

Audio problem: When Kelly starts talking about colon flushing Charlotte gets up to join Bob at the bar. In the background Kelly continues her story, but her mouthing and gestures are not at all in line with her words. (00:37:20)

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Mona Lisa Smile picture

Audio problem: When Joanie and Tommy are eating dinner at Betty's home, there's a close-up profile shot of both Joanie and Tommy right before they kiss. Tommy says to Joanie, "Come here you," but his lips don't move.

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My Boss's Daughter picture

Audio problem: Tom is fighting TJ and we hear glass breaking as TJ falls backwards against a curtain, but then the curtain gets pulled down and the unbroken window is seen to the right of where the curtain was hanging.

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Love Actually picture

Audio problem: When David the Prime Minister is trying to get Natalie's Octopus Brother out of the limo, Natalie laughs but we don't hear it. (01:47:29)

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Just Married picture

Audio problem: When Tom wakes Sarah and says, "Sweetie, our plane leaves in an hour," she slams her face into his. The loud, distinctive, punching sound effect is completely overdone. (00:29:35)

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Intolerable Cruelty picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie, Marilyn and Miles have their first "real" kiss. After their lips touch the first time we see a shot of Miles' profile. You can tell that his lips are moving like he's saying something, but no sound comes out of his mouth.

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What A Girl Wants picture

Audio problem: When Colin Firth's mother shoots down the tree where the bird is resting, and the branch falls, you never hear the sound of the branch hitting the ground.

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Anger Management picture

Audio problem: When Dr. Buddy throws the CDs in the garbage, the sound effect is that of glass breaking, not plastic. (00:26:55)

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