Lost in Translation

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Audio problem: When Kelly starts talking about colon flushing Charlotte gets up to join Bob at the bar. In the background Kelly continues her story, but her mouthing and gestures are not at all in line with her words.



Audio problem: When Bob carries Charlotte back to her room, he opens her door using a regular key (you hear the "teeth" going into the lock, as as it turns). But when he comes out of the room and closes the door, you can see it's actually a card-key access room (the card-lock is on the right side of the door). While some card keys (with holes) rely on mechnical force and makes sounds like a regular key, it is an older system. This is a top Tokyo hotel, which would only offer the best and most modern equipment to its customers, i.e. top-of-the-line, silent (non-disturbing) card keys.



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When Bob puts Charlotte into her bed, he first lays her down with her skirt slightly pulled down so that her belly button is showing. In the next shot, the skirt is pulled up to meet the bottom of her shirt-barely any skin is visible.



Even though she did not win an Oscar for "Best Director," Sofia Coppola became the first American female director and the second female director to be nominated for that award. No woman had ever won "Best Director." Interesting enough, she was nominated nearly exactly a decade after the first female director (for "The Piano") was nominated.