Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation (2003)

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Continuity mistake: When Bob puts Charlotte into her bed, he first lays her down with her skirt slightly pulled down so that her belly button is showing. In the next shot, the skirt is pulled up to meet the bottom of her shirt-barely any skin is visible.

Lost in Translation mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the Karaoke scene, when it's Charlotte's turn, one briefly sees the number 601 on the door to the cabin. Later, when she's waiting outside and Bob leaves the room it's the number 602.


Continuity mistake: In the taxi scene, there's a shot of Charlotte gazing out of the window and no one is sitting next to her in the back seat. She then looks over to her left, and suddenly Bob appears sleeping in the back seat next to her.

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Trivia: Even though she did not win an Oscar for "Best Director," Sofia Coppola became the first American female director and the second female director to be nominated for that award. No woman had ever won "Best Director." Interesting enough, she was nominated nearly exactly a decade after the first female director (for "The Piano") was nominated.


Trivia: Charlie Brown is an actual friend of Sofia Coppola. His real name is Fumihiro Hayashi and he owns a fashion magazine in Tokyo.

Trivia: Bill Murray chose to do the film over reprising his role of Bosley in "Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle."

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Question: Do Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson do their own singing in the karaoke scene? The first time Murray sings it sounds a lot better than the second, and Johansson's singing sounds nothing like her speaking voice, which is why I'm curious.

Answer: Yes, according to IMDb both are credited with doing their own singing for this movie.


Question: Could anyone hear what Bob whispers into Charlotte's ear near the end of the film, just before he kisses her?

Answer: You're not meant to. Leaves you to decide what he says.

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Question: I have read that the ditzy blonde actress was based on Cameron Diaz. Does anyone know why Sophia Coppola would pick on her in particular?

Answer: Sofia Coppola has denied that character is based on Cameron Diaz in an article in Entertainment Weekly.


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