Lost in Translation

Trivia: Even though she did not win an Oscar for "Best Director," Sofia Coppola became the first American female director and the second female director to be nominated for that award. No woman had ever won "Best Director." Interesting enough, she was nominated nearly exactly a decade after the first female director (for "The Piano") was nominated.


Trivia: Charlie Brown is an actual friend of Sofia Coppola. His real name is Fumihiro Hayashi and he owns a fashion magazine in Tokyo.

Trivia: Bill Murray chose to do the film over reprising his role of Bosley in "Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle."

Trivia: As well as being the second third generation winner at the Oscars (after Anjelica Huston), Sofia Coppola was only the third woman (after Callie Khouri and Jane Campion) to win a solo Oscar for Best Original Screenplay

Trivia: The entire movie was shot in 27 days.