Best romance movie audio problems of 1999

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10 Things I Hate About You picture

Audio problem: When Patrick starts singing and gets that marching band to play, look closely at the cymbal player when he bangs them together - it makes the sound, but they don't touch. (01:01:40)

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American Pie picture

Audio problem: In the prom scene just before Heather is looking around and looking bored, the drummer is tapping on the hi hat, but the sound is a crash cymbal.

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The Bachelor picture

Audio problem: When the brides are chasing Jimmy down the streets of San Francisco, you hear the familiar noises of high heels. However, if you look closely, the brides are sporting tennis shoes.

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Anna and the King picture

Audio problem: At the end of the scene when Anna's wedding ring is thrown in the stream, The Kralahome, Prime Minister, says to King Mongkut "I believe there has been enough insult caused by this woman who believes herself to be the equal of a man." When King Mongkut replies, "Not the equal of a man, the equal of a King," Kralahome is very visibly mouthing his line.

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Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her picture

Audio problem: When Rosa walks over to Albert's house at night the door falls close just before she gets there. The closing sound can be heard before the door slams shut. (01:04:05)

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For Love of the Game picture

Audio problem: As the play by play announcer calls the final inning of the final game he describes the ground out to third as a ball "hit to the right side". A ground ball to third would have been described as hit to the left side.

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Mickey Blue Eyes picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Frank and Michael are digging a hole to bury Johnny's body, after the exchange of gunfire, when Frank pops up from the ditch you hear him yell "Al?" but his mouth doesn't move.

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Notting Hill picture

Audio problem: Anna is at Will's place to take refuge from the press. In the morning he opens the door, unaware of any trouble, and faces a yelling and hooting crowd of reporters. Then he shuts the door, and you don't hear a thing, although the door looks anything but soundproof. (01:18:55)

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Bicentennial Man picture

Audio problem: As Andrew is learning about joke telling from Sir, he asks "How is that funny?" His mouth opens only when he says how, and is closed for the rest of the question.

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