Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man (1999)

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Portia and Andrew are lying in their "beds," they are holding hands. In all of the far away shots, Andrew's hand is on top, but in the close shots, it is underneath. (01:59:20)

Continuity mistake: While talking to Burns about his possible sexual improvement, Andrew laughs. A second later on a wider shot, he is normal and facing otherwise.


Continuity mistake: When the robot is discussing the possibilities of a sexual relationship, the level of liquid in Oliver Platt's glass goes up and down, depending on whether it is a long shot or close up.

Continuity mistake: When Sir is looking through the window at the van bringing the robot, his hand is in an 11 o'clock position in the front angles, and a 7 o'clock in the one shot from behind.


Audio problem: As Andrew is learning about joke telling from Sir, he asks "How is that funny?" His mouth opens only when he says how, and is closed for the rest of the question.

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Continuity mistake: When Linda gives Andrew the teddy dog, note its nose and you'll notice the dog changes position in every single shot, at least 4 times.


Continuity mistake: When Andrew plays the presentation, Grace cuddles next to her father. His hands on her shoulders, plus her distance to her mom, keep changing between shots at least 3 times.


Continuity mistake: When the crate is opened to reveal the robot inside, Mrs. Martin takes her hand to her chest. When the angle changes, her arm is down and she is repeating the movements.


Andrew Martin: Do you know what it feels like to be in love with someone that is about to marry someone else?

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Trivia: The song Andrew listens in the player is from an opera named "Rusalka". This opera is based on a water nymph who wants to become human for love. Just as Andrew.


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Question: What year do you think it is when Andrew returns to the Martin family home and meets Portia, as well as the older Little Miss?

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