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Anna and the King picture

Audio problem: At the end of the scene when Anna's wedding ring is thrown in the stream, The Kralahome, Prime Minister, says to King Mongkut "I believe there has been enough insult caused by this woman who believes herself to be the equal of a man." When King Mongkut replies, "Not the equal of a man, the equal of a King," Kralahome is very visibly mouthing his line.

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Cold Mountain picture

Audio problem: During the scene where Ada and her father are talking about the farm, and how they will manage come winter, Ada says : ...."But with no-one left to work this place, nothing to buy, nothing to buy it with".... her mouth only starts moving to what she is saying half way through the sentence.

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Oliver picture

Audio problem: Just after Oliver leaves Mr. Brownlow's house with the books and £5 note there is a shot of Bill Sykes and Nancy on a park bench. Just as Nancy stands up Bill's dog barks. Whilst you can hear the birds singing, nothing of the bark can be heard.

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You, Me and Dupree picture

Audio problem: Although Michael Douglas' car is on a dirt road during the scene in the desert, the sound effects are for a car peeling out on pavement.

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My Fair Lady picture

Audio problem: In the song "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" Alfred steps on the pianist's hand. After this, is the piano keys he hits aren't the same as what we hear.

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Hitch picture

Audio problem: After the article about Hitch is printed, we see him leave is apartment block and get approached by a former client and his now partner. After Hitch says, "See ya later, Tony", we hear Tony's Partner say, "Look Tony," however, her lips do not move.

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A Walk To Remember picture

Audio problem: When Jamie is looking through the telescope Landon built for her, the second time she says, "Come here. Come look. Quick," is looped because her lips are hardly moving. (01:31:25)

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The Santa Clause 2 picture

Audio problem: When Abby, an elf, is about to tell Santa that Charlie is on the naughty list, she says something about 'Brazilian cocoa beans'. As this line is heard, you can see that her mouth is moving completely differently from the words we hear.

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Get Over It picture

Audio problem: In the club scene toward the beginning of the movie, Kelly and Basin are talking to her brother Felix. Kelly says "Come on, there's a guy over there who says he'll pierce our navels for free." But if you look closely, you can see that Kelly actually says "pierce our nipples for free."

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The Sure Thing picture

Audio problem: As Tim Robbins drives off at the start of the trip to California, he sings "The Age of Aquarius," but his lips through the car window aren't mouthing anything close to the line he is singing. (00:28:10)

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Tuck Everlasting picture

Audio problem: Early in the movie when we first meet Winnie, the audio is out of sync.

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Mamma Mia! picture

Audio problem: Sophie and her boyfriend sing at the beach, he says he likes to smoke and pronounces the word "true" with the camera facing him. Right afterwards there's a side shot and music is heard with no lyrics, but he is mouthing as if singing. Then back to a front shot and now he sings and mouths.

Sacha Premium member
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The Pink Panther picture

Audio problem: When Sir Charles opens the champagne in the Princess' chalet, the sound effect of the cork popping happens after he has removed the cork.

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Sixteen Candles picture

Audio problem: When the geek and the prom queen are cruising down the road in the Rolls Royce convertible, the drunken prom queen says to the geek "Looks like rain, better put the top up." However, her mouth movements do not match the words.

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Rent picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Mark throws the keys to Collins the second time, he comes back in the window and we can see Roger sitting on the couch. It appears that Roger is strumming his guitar, but there's no sound from it.

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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm picture

Audio problem: After Batman has left Andrea's apartment she drops a glass. We hear the sound of the glass shattering, but when the camera zooms out we see the glass is still in one piece.

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Coyote Ugly picture

Audio problem: When Violet is trying to get into the apartment because the phone is ringing, she runs in, picks up the phone and says "hello Kevin", but her mouth never moves. (01:16:55)

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Dracula 2000 picture

Audio problem: When Marcus attacks Simon at the loading dock, Simon attempts to take out his weapon, but Marcus takes the firearm from him before Simon can assemble it. He takes the barrel in one hand and the rest of the weapon in his other hand, but one moment later, he's shown only holding the barrel as he removes the silver nails, meaning he must have dropped or thrown away the other part. However, we never hear any sound of the other part hitting the asphalt, even though Simon picks it up from the ground later during the fight. (00:57:40)

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Robin Hood picture

Audio problem: When Skippy gets a bow and arrow from Robin for his birthday, he says "For me? Gee, thanks." His mouth does not move on Gee.

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Doctor Zhivago picture

Audio problem: During the "peaceful protest" scene, in a close-up of the crowd the mouth movements don't match the soundtrack.

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