Mr. Deeds

Audio problem: In the basketball stadium scene, when Deeds is checking everything to make sure it's all right, the violin player plays a couple of notes. The violin player's fingers and bowing don't match the notes he's playing.

Audio problem: In Madison Square Garden, when "Pam" says "I can explain", she appears to be using her normal voice tone. But she apparently is heard loud and clear by everyone in the middle of the arena.

Audio problem: When Marty, the fake mugger, runs away, he sees Deeds chasing him and runs faster, yelling "Oh Sh*t!" His mouth doesn't move at all to this sentence though. (00:26:20)

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Audio problem: We establish that the manor Deeds stays at makes an echo when you shout or yell. Yet when Deeds slides down the banister and crashes into the table, his very loud yelling and the smashing into the table never produces an echo.

Audio problem: When Deeds is leaving Mandrake Falls, headed for New York, Anderson chucks a chicken out the plane and Deeds says to the chicken "Take it easy!" His mouth doesn't move correctly to this though. (00:12:40)

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Audio problem: When Deeds says "Wow, I'm going to be the first person to leave here since Jimmy McNally went to Disney world", his mouth is out of sync when he says it. (00:12:25)

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Audio problem: When Deeds delivers the pizzas to the three old woman sitting on the bench, you hear the voice of one of them saying "Yummy, yummy!" Yet none of the woman's mouths move to that sentence. (00:09:20)

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Audio problem: After the mugging, Deeds and Pam walk off, and Marty who has been beaten up mutters "Damn you, Old spice." His mouth doesn't move at all to this line. (00:29:05)

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Audio problem: In Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa, Deeds and Pam find the house with blue shutters and a red door, that Pam had made up. When Pam pretends to show Deeds around she says "This is the dining room, where we would have our meals ... made of food." But Pam's lips don't move at all when she says 'made of food.' (00:59:15)

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Audio problem: When Pam and Deeds are climbing out of a limo after Wincestertonfieldville, Deeds says "Nice parking job" to the driver, then the driver replies "Thanks, Deeds." The driver's mouth doesn't move though. (01:00:10)

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Audio problem: When Emilio finds out he is the rightful owner to the majority of the shares, he fires Chuck and Chuck yells "You can't fire me!" His mouth doesn't move though. (01:23:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Deeds rescues the last cat from the fire, if you look closely, you can see the fire-proof glove he has on his hand. (00:50:45)

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Murph: Hey look, Deeds is hanging out with John McEnroe.
Crazy Eyes: I love The Beach Boys.

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Trivia: When Pam tells Deeds she 'fell out of Boo Radley's apple tree', it's taken from 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' (00:46:35)

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Chosen answer: Mr. French was the butler on a TV show from the late 60's, called Family Affair. He was played by Sebastion Cabot, a rotund actor.

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