Best romance movie audio problems of 2000

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Meet the Parents picture

Audio problem: When Focker is going back to Chicago the woman who is typing stops moving her hands for a little while the clicking noise is still going.

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Coyote Ugly picture

Audio problem: When Violet is trying to get into the apartment because the phone is ringing, she runs in, picks up the phone and says "hello Kevin", but her mouth never moves. (01:16:55)

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Dracula 2000 picture

Audio problem: When Marcus attacks Simon at the loading dock, Simon attempts to take out his weapon, but Marcus takes the firearm from him before Simon can assemble it. He takes the barrel in one hand and the rest of the weapon in his other hand, but one moment later, he's shown only holding the barrel as he removes the silver nails, meaning he must have dropped or thrown away the other part. However, we never hear any sound of the other part hitting the asphalt, even though Simon picks it up from the ground later during the fight. (00:57:40)

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The 10th Kingdom picture

Audio problem: When the Queen is speaking to the Troll King for a second time in the mirror, she wraps up discussion with him and in the next shot she walks over to her mirror and says, "Mirror, talk to me, why haven't you found Windell yet?" The Queen's mouth moves ahead of the actual voice.

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Loser picture

Audio problem: Adam, Chris and Noah have their bags checked for drugs and alcohol, As Chris tilts the metal detector, you hear the black resident guy yell "Hey, my metal detector." When he comes into view, he's mouthing these same words again, but there is no sound.

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Return to Me picture

Audio problem: When Gracie gets a heart and she is about to go into surgery she begins to talk to her Grandpa Martie. Watch his lips, he is mouthing her lines.

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What Women Want picture

Audio problem: When Mel Gibson is writing the letter to Helen Hunt after the Nike deal is done, he closes the laptop part way and a clicking sound is heard even though he has already removed his hand from the laptop. However, the Powerbook G3 he's using doesn't click at half way. Then, at the next shot, a few seconds later, the laptop is closed but there was no clicking sound while the camera was looking at Helen, even though there should have been one.

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Little Nicky picture

Audio problem: When the demon pulls the devil's pinky off a demon says "gross" but his mouth never moves. (00:12:45)

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