The Bus - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: The "KILROY" Hawkeye writes on the window as BJ looks out was in the center with his fingertip. Later, as Hawkeye looks out, the "KILROY" is now closer to the frame, and the lettering is different, a small capital A in front of it, and lines above and below it.

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Aid Station - S3-E19

Visible crew/equipment: As Hawkeye walks into the Aid Station, the shadow of the camera plays across his entrance. Also, the area he walks through is extremely well lit, despite the fact the sun is behind the station, indicating stage lighting.

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Adam's Ribs - S3-E11

Revealing mistake: As Radar, Henry, Klinger and Trapper get up to answer the emergency call, the outside background can be seen in the upper right corner of the shot, showing it was done on a sound stage.

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M*A*S*H - The Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: After Frank picks up the still, his hands alternate from left hand above right to right hand above left between angles.

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Hawkeye - S4-E18

Plot hole: When Hawkeye wrecks his jeep on his way back from an aid station, he has a Korean girl take a message to the 4077th, which he claims is 20 miles south. However, in virtually every episode, it is claimed that the 4077th is located 4 miles from the front lines.


Rally Round the Flagg, Boys - S7-E21

Revealing mistake: As Charles leaves the Mess Tent, you can see the camo net where there normally is none, and the background abruptly ends about 20 feet from the end of the building.

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The Sniper - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: At the picnic, the basket is sitting with the end towards the camera, and bottle of liquor in it. Before the first shot from the sniper, the basket is sideways, and the bottle in front towards the camera on the ground.

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Show generally

Factual error: In one episode in the hospital tent, Hawkeye hands a Hershey Chocolate Bar to a wounded soldier lying in bed. The back of the candy bar had a Universal Product Code (UPC) on it. UPCs were not used until the 1970s.


Bombed - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: When Margaret asks Frank for cash to help her sister get an apartment, he asks about her father leaving her anything, implying that her father is dead. Later on, we see her father when he comes to visit her in another episode.

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The Kids - S4-E8

Plot hole: When the truck with the orphans arrives, Col. Potter and Nurse Cratty greet each other like one would an old friend. Being new to Korea, Col. Potter doesn't know Nurse Cratty - as becomes clear from his reaction to Hawkeye's explanation to BJ earlier (who doesn't know Nurse Cratty for the same reason, but that's not relevant for this mistake). Note that in other parts of the series Col. Potter is depicted mostly as somewhat old-fashioned and reserved towards strangers. (00:05:20)

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Abyssinia, Henry - S3-E24

Continuity mistake: When Henry kisses Margret, she grabs her hat. In the reverse shot, her hand is around Henry's neck. After the next cut, it's on her hat again. (00:20:00)

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Patient 4077 - S6-E16

Plot hole: When Hawkeye and BJ buy Margaret a new ring, it takes a typo in the inscription to give them away - which makes both of them and Mr. Shin almost clairvoyant. Not only did they somehow guess Margaret's ring size, but Mr Shin - phew, Houdini and Uri Geller together don't hold a candle to this guy - actually somehow divined the exact type and font of the inscription in the original so perfectly that Margaret actually only spotted the difference from the missing 'n.'

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Dear Ma - S4-E16

Plot hole: In this episode, Maj. Burns is trying to avoid the foot inspection because he has nail polish on his toenails. Having access to a fully outfitted hospital dispensory, he'd be able to remove that nail polish in a minute.

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Images - S6-E9

Continuity mistake: When Cpl. Hendrix is examined on the operating table, Klinger and Hawkeye admire his tattoos. Klinger asks "do you really think the real Louise is built like that?" and Hawkeye replies, "If she is, I'm in love". Later, when Radar talks to Hendrix, Radar says, "Her face is still pretty, and her legs are the greatest." Hendrix asks, "What about the rest of her?" and Radar replies, "There isn't any." How could Hawkeye and Klinger admire Louise's build if the tattoo was that shot up? (00:01:10 - 00:07:20)

Deluge - S4-E23

Factual error: Nearing the end of the show, we are told that the Chinese have become involved in the conflict and have attacked with some 300,000 soldiers. This apparently refers to massive attacks by the Chinese starting on November 1, 1950. Although the numbers are correct, the US/UN forces were unaware of the numbers. As late as November 6, the Far East Command continued to insist that there were no more than 34,500 Chinese communist soldiers in country. http://www.history.army.mil/brochures/kw-chinter/chinter.htm.

Der Tag - S4-E17

Revealing mistake: In several supposedly outdoors scenes in the camp, in particular, when Frank is welcoming Margaret back, there's a very obvious indoorsy echo. (00:22:10)

Bob Blumenfeld Premium member

Der Tag - S4-E17

Continuity mistake: Early in the episode it is stated that Margaret's tent door is padlocked while she is in Tokyo. But when she gets back, she just walks straight in. (00:22:20)


Iron Guts Kelly - S3-E4

Factual error: When Frank sits down on Margaret's bed, he pulls a single metal star out of his butt. Kelly being a Lt. Gen, he should have (and has, as can be seen in other scenes) a single bar of three interconnected stars, not three single ones. Therefore Frank shouldn't be able to find a solitary star in Margaret's bed. (00:19:00)

A War for all Seasons - S9-E6

Continuity mistake: When Maj. Winchester hears that the Giants won, he drops his baseball cap. A few shots later we see him lying on his back, clasping his cap in his hand.

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The Joker is Wild - S11-E4

Continuity mistake: When Hawkeye gets into the chow line and Igor suggests the peas and carrots, Hawkeye asks about the beans. As the peas and carrots are being scooped to be served to Hawkeye, he grabs Igor's arm and peas and carrots are spilled into the beans. Peas are VERY visible in the beans. The next shot with the beans, the peas and carrots have been removed from the beans.

Sean Cayouette

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