Correction: Vampires show up on camera and in photographs in the Buffyverse, for example in the episode "Storyteller" where Andrew conducts an on-camera interview with Spike.

The House Always Wins - S4-E3

Corrected entry: The Tropicana's "future stealing" scam seems to depend on Lorne's abilities too much to be as elaborate as depicted. The operation and black market in futures would have to have been in place well before he got there, so how were they doing it before Lorne showed up? Randomly taking destinies from people in the casino and just HOPING they were worthwhile? If so, what would they do with the people whose destinies they'd stolen? Let them play the slots until they die and then somehow dispose of the bodies or turn them loose in the streets of Vegas and draw the mortal world's attention to themselves?

Correction: Just because we don't know the way the casinos plan worked before Lorne turned up doesn't mean it couldn't have worked. For all we know they could have been using another demon or any number of techniques. A little imagination is all that's called for.

Players - S4-E16

Corrected entry: In the episode 'Players', season 4, Gwen is struck by lightning and we later see the envelope she was holding is badly scorched. The papers that were inside, however, don't have a mark on them.


Correction: If you keep watching the episode when Gwen is pulling out the map of the house and showing it to Gunn, you can easily see several burn marks on the map; which was inside the envelope when she got struck by lightning.

Spin The Bottle - S4-E6

Corrected entry: Angel's crew (except Lorne and Conner) revert back to thinking that they're 16 years old following Lorne's spell. Cordelia however already knew Angel when she was 16, yet she acts as if she doesn't know him already. (See Season 1 of Buffy).

Correction: Cordelia met Angel during the spring of her sophomore year, but we have no idea when her 16th birthday was. If they reverted to shortly after that birthday and her birthday was sometime in the fall or early winter, she wouldn't have known him yet.


Peace Out - S4-E21

Corrected entry: No one ever mentions to Angel that Jasmine eats people, nor does he learn of any hints that leads towards her eating people. Yet somehow when e confronts Jasmine on the bridge, he somehow already knows this detail.

Correction: Angel was around Jasmine for long enough to know that she takes people into her room and they apparently vanish - once released from her spell, it's not difficult to realise what's almost certainly happening to them, particularly as the priest in the other dimension refers to her as "the Blessed Devourer".

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The House Always Wins - S4-E3

Corrected entry: When Angel, Fred, and Gunn are trying to find where Lorne's performing, they come across his headliner ad at the Tropicana, which states "17th Straight Week." At the end of the last season Lorne was just leaving for Vegas, and the previous episodes have established that Angel and Cordelia have been missing for three months. Assuming Lorne started performing the week he arrived in Vegas, his show should be in its 14th straight week.

Correction: Firstly, three months is probably an approximation - it could be a week or two more than that. Secondly, some time must have passed between Angel's rescue and the trip to Las Vegas - he's had time to fully recover from his ordeal, look for Cordelia (there's the events of the episode "Ground State", for example) and so on. This could easily take at least a couple of weeks, which makes the 17 week notice quite possible.

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Correction: Gunn, Wesley, and Lorne are exposed to Cordelia's blood, not Jasmine's. Cordelia's maternal link to Jasmine causes her blood to work differently and faster on Jasmine's enchantment because all of Jasmine's blood came from Cordelia during the pregnancy.


Correction: Vampires don't need to breath to live but their body still functions as it normally would when living. Breathing is what naturally happens when one is moving alot and they can also pass out from lack of air but cannot die because of it.

Home - S4-E22

Corrected entry: In the final episode of season 4, 'Home,' Angel tracks meets is reasoning with Connor in a clothing store. It is noticeable that there are large windows in the shop which are exposing Angel to the deadly mid-afternoon rays. Angel can only walk around in daylight in Wolfram and Hart because of their special windows. So how come he isn't bursting into flames in the clothing store?

Correction: As mentioned in several episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, vampires can get around in INDIRECT sunlight. This is the type of light that was filtering in at the sporting goods store, therefore Angel would be okay.

Correction: In "Eternity" Wesley explains that Angel only thinks he is Angelus because of the drugs the actress slipped him. He describes it as "artificial perfect happiness", Angel never actually turned. This also explains why Angel does not kill the actress (can't remember her name) in the basement. The real Angelus never would have let her go. Also, drugged Angel never killed anyone even outside the office. When the real Angelus is there (Buffy, Season 2 and Angel, Season 4) bodies pile up.

Soulless - S4-E11

Corrected entry: Throughout the episode, we see Angelus show up on a security camera in the basement. But it is a well known fact that vampires do not show up on security cameras. It's been established several times in the show.


Correction: It's been well established in the Angel series (same as the Buffy series) that vampires DO appear on cameras (and photographs) since cameras work similar to the way the human eye works. Electronic security systems don't pick up vampires, since they don't have body heat, but surveillance cameras are not the same as a security system.


Judgment - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: Right after Cordelia has her vision, Wesley goes to the whiteboard. In the "Case" column he writes "N.D.U.O." Underneath what looks like "CARYNSS" crossed out. But once they find out that it is a Prio Motu demon and Angel writes it on the whiteboard, "N.D.U.O." disappears even though Angel did not rub it off.


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Trivia: Angel's human name was Liam. "Liam" is an Irish form of "William", so basically, Angel and Spike have the same name.

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Epiphany - S2-E16

Question: If Angel didn't experience a "Moment of Perfect Happiness" from his night with Darla, why does he go through the same motions he went through from losing his soul before?

Answer: Due to his epiphany, Angel basically had the 'true darkness' he worked so hard to reattain ripped away from him, like his soul was after sleeping with Buffy.

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