Season 3 generally

Corrected entry: When Angel and Connor are fighting the vampire in the nightclub, in a long shot, Angel punches a vampire on his right. However, if you play it in slow-mo, Angel's hand doesn't even touch the actor.

Correction: Something spotted in slow motion and isn't visable in normal speed isn't a mistake.


A New World - S3-E20

Corrected entry: At the end of the last episode, Conner Killed a demon the second he arrived, and it fell to the ground. In this episode which picks up EXACTLY where the last one left off, there's no sign of the thing.

Correction: We know that certain demons combust after being killed (EG. Vampires turn to dust). Obviously this is one of them.

A New World - S3-E20

Corrected entry: Connor's stake cannon has 3 barrels, all of which are assumed to be loaded, when he arrives. During the episode teaser, he fires one stake from each of the three barrels. After the credits, he fires two more stakes from the top barrel and one from the right. Of course, he hasn't stopped to reload and it's obvious that there is no room in the simple device for more than a single projectile and the launching mechanism. (00:00:15 - 00:01:50)


Correction: The shot is off Connor for a long time after he fires the first stake (as it follows the stake across the room and shows Groo and Gunn starting to charge) and Connor can move at incredibly fast speeds, so it's possible he reloaded the device during that space of time, which would explain why 4 stakes are fired from a device that only holds three.


Offspring - S3-E7

Corrected entry: In a flashback to Rome, Holtz appears wearing sunglasses - surely they didn't have them in the 18th century (00:01:10)

Correction: Actually, the first sunglasses were invented in 1752 by James Ayscough.

Benediction - S3-E21

Corrected entry: Holtz has Justine kill him by puncturing his neck to make it look as if Angel bit him. When Connor finds them, there is very little blood coming from the wound, which WOULD be the case if Angel had bit him because a vampire DRINKS the blood, so what did Justine do with it all? (00:42:05)

Correction: Unless you hit a major artery like the jugular, a puncture wound to the neck will leave some blood but not gobs of it - ask any ER doctor. The ice pick probably hit Holtz's spine severing the nervous system; after all, it's not like Connor's going to do an autopsy.

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