Correction: Vampires show up on camera and in photographs in the Buffyverse, for example in the episode "Storyteller" where Andrew conducts an on-camera interview with Spike.

The Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco - S5-E6

Corrected entry: When Angel is outside looking for Number 5, he is stabbed in the stomach by a demon. The next scene is when Angel returns to Wolfram & Hart right after this happens and he is still wearing the same clothes. He mentions he is still in pain and yet there are no rips or tears in his shirt and no blood stains.

Correction: It's two different colors. When Angel is outside looking for Number 5 and gets stabbed by the demon, it's a blue shirt. When you see him in the next scene coming into the office, it's a different color shirt. That's why there's no rips or blood on it - he changed.


Show generally

Corrected entry: Throughout the series of Angel, they have episodes with scenes of his past where he is cleaned up and acting like he does in present day. For example in season 2 episode 2 "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been" he seems like normal Angel only in the past. Same situation with season 5 episode 13 "Why We Fight". But on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 2 episode number 21 "Becoming part 1" there is a flashback of Angel in 1996, way after those episodes of Angel and he is a complete mess living off of rats and we are led to believe he has been this way ever since he got his soul back. So he couldn't have been as sane and well kept and living off human medical blood as he was depicted in those Angel episodes.


Correction: Actually the writers/producers of episodes like this have often said that they wrote in back stories like the ones mentioned specifically because they didn't believe that Angel had been a complete mess ever since being cursed. The various ways he is seen living in the time since show his struggles with trying to work out where he fits into human society. Also, he's hardly acting like he is in the present day in Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been when he allows the paranoia demon to eat everyone in the hotel.

Smile Time - S5-E14

Corrected entry: When Fred, Wesley, Gunn and Angel plan to go to the studio where "Smile Time" is filmed and they are about to leave, Puppet Angel takes a sword down from the wall behind his desk. Fred opens the door and Puppet Angel is still behind his desk. However, as they walk down the hall when the dramatic music begins to play, Puppet Angel is suddenly in front of the group. There wasn't enough time for Angel to get in front of them when Fred opens the door.

Correction: When they leave the office it is a new scene, there's no indication of how much time has passed so it's perfectly plausible that Angel is now in front.

Epiphany - S2-E16

Corrected entry: Near the end of this episode, Kate says that she 'has faith' in 'something' because she never invited Angel in to her apartment, yet he came in & revived her after her 'pill-a-thon'. Why did no one state the obvious explanation that she had died for a second, in which case Angel would be able to enter the apartment without an intervention from any 'power'?


Correction: That'd be like telling a child who believes their dog has run away that it was in fact hit by a car and suffered for hours before finally dying. She's expressing very strong positive emotions, they're not going to crush those.


Just Rewards (2) - S5-E2

Corrected entry: In this episode, you can see that Spike is sitting in the Viper and touching the steering wheel. He shouldn't be able to sit or touch the car, because in later episodes, Spike says that he has to concentrate to be able to touch something.


Correction: Spike does not need to concentrate all the time. If that was true he would not be able to stay in angels office, he would fall through the floor. Sub conciously he knows he could sit and hold onto the wheel of the car.

Lonely Hearts - S1-E2

Corrected entry: Kate uses her real first name while she is working undercover to catch whomever is killing people from the nightclub. According to a friend in law enforcement who checked her facts with officers from two different agencies, this would never be allowed.

Correction: Well, Kate is a pretty common first name, so as long as she wasn't using her real last name, nobody would know that she is a cop.

The House Always Wins - S4-E3

Corrected entry: The Tropicana's "future stealing" scam seems to depend on Lorne's abilities too much to be as elaborate as depicted. The operation and black market in futures would have to have been in place well before he got there, so how were they doing it before Lorne showed up? Randomly taking destinies from people in the casino and just HOPING they were worthwhile? If so, what would they do with the people whose destinies they'd stolen? Let them play the slots until they die and then somehow dispose of the bodies or turn them loose in the streets of Vegas and draw the mortal world's attention to themselves?

Correction: Just because we don't know the way the casinos plan worked before Lorne turned up doesn't mean it couldn't have worked. For all we know they could have been using another demon or any number of techniques. A little imagination is all that's called for.

Five By Five - S1-E18

Corrected entry: Angel finds Faith by tracking her to the apartment of the man whose wallet and keys she had stolen. The problem is that it seems unbelievable that the police wouldn't have used this method to track down Faith themselves. There is no sign of the police until after the disturbance of Angel and Faith fighting gets them interested.


Correction: Faith stole the guys wallet which probably had his ID, and she assaulted him. It is likely that he was unconcious when the police went to question him.

Correction: This isn't trivia - Fred knows (or at least strongly suspects) that she's dying and is making joke for the rest of the group about the similarities of both situations. Angel smiles fondly at her and says 'Yeah, thats the way it works'.

Correction: It's twilight, the sun hasn't fully risen yet and isn't a threat.


In The Dark - S1-E3

Corrected entry: Marcus and Angel have a fairly full on battle under the pier, starting with them both jumping off the end of the pier, and ending with Marcus dusted. How is it that they didn't attract any attention from the people on the pier, or the kids who we afterwards see on the beach right next to where they were fighting?


Correction: Maybe it was the classic denial coming into play in LA; people pretending nothing's happening because that's easier to take than what really is happening. Also, a lot of the fight took place out of sight, so maybe the people lost interest when they couldn't see what was going on anymore.

Season 3 generally

Corrected entry: When Angel and Connor are fighting the vampire in the nightclub, in a long shot, Angel punches a vampire on his right. However, if you play it in slow-mo, Angel's hand doesn't even touch the actor.

Correction: Something spotted in slow motion and isn't visable in normal speed isn't a mistake.


Lineage - S5-E7

Corrected entry: Angel says at the end that the cyborg version of Wesley's father probably learned all he knew from the files at the Watcher's Council, but in the Buffy episode "Bring On The Night" Giles makes it clear that all the files belonging to the Council were destroyed in the explosion, so where did the cyborgs find out every detail of Wesley's life (back to age 7)? Wesley only started working at Wolfram and Hart a few months after "Bring On The Night", so they wouldn't have known to gather information on him before the Council was blown up, and we know they didn't get it from his real family as, when Wesley talks to them at the end of the episode, it's clear they have no idea what's happened.


Correction: Not all the files belonging to the Watchers Council were destroyed though. Rutherford Circe took a number of them with him when he defected to Wolfram & Hart, so other White Hats could have leaked information to the enemy as well.

A New World - S3-E20

Corrected entry: At the end of the last episode, Conner Killed a demon the second he arrived, and it fell to the ground. In this episode which picks up EXACTLY where the last one left off, there's no sign of the thing.

Correction: We know that certain demons combust after being killed (EG. Vampires turn to dust). Obviously this is one of them.

Players - S4-E16

Corrected entry: In the episode 'Players', season 4, Gwen is struck by lightning and we later see the envelope she was holding is badly scorched. The papers that were inside, however, don't have a mark on them.


Correction: If you keep watching the episode when Gwen is pulling out the map of the house and showing it to Gunn, you can easily see several burn marks on the map; which was inside the envelope when she got struck by lightning.

The Trial - S2-E9

Corrected entry: In "The Trial" Angel tells Darla that, if he turns her, his soul might transfer onto her - he doesn't know for sure. However, in a later episode ("Why We Fight", season 5) we see him turning Lawson in 1943, after he got his soul. While the soul made Lawson less evil, he was still filled with the bloodlust of a normal vampire, without Angel's conscience. Therefore, Angel already knew that his soul wouldn't transfer enough to stop Darla becoming a monster.


Correction: Angel lets Lawson go from the sub, telling him that if they ever meet again, he'd kill him. He reminds him of this when Lawson steps into the offices of Wolfram & Hart 50 years later, som presumably they haven't met since then. Angel wouödn't have know much about Lawson behaviour during the short time he was a vampire on the sub. He didn't kill anyone, nor did he try to.

A Hole in the World - S5-E15

Corrected entry: Angel, Spike, and Lorne track Eve down to Lindsey's apartment and come in to question her. Who invited Angel and Spike? (It's not public accommodations, because we find out earlier in the show that Lindsey's signed a lease.).

Correction: Lindsey signed a lease for the apartment Spike was living in. He was also no longer in that dimension, therefore, not considered alive. Also due to all the markings to mask the apartment would mean no one lived there.

Maria Santos

Spin The Bottle - S4-E6

Corrected entry: Angel's crew (except Lorne and Conner) revert back to thinking that they're 16 years old following Lorne's spell. Cordelia however already knew Angel when she was 16, yet she acts as if she doesn't know him already. (See Season 1 of Buffy).

Correction: Cordelia met Angel during the spring of her sophomore year, but we have no idea when her 16th birthday was. If they reverted to shortly after that birthday and her birthday was sometime in the fall or early winter, she wouldn't have known him yet.


Redefinition - S2-E11

Corrected entry: Joss Whedon's Laws for killing a vampire have been broken or ignored in this episode. The 3 ways to kill a vampire in the show are either: stake to the heart, burning the vampire, or decapitation. However, Angel manages to burn Drusilla and Darla from head to toe, yet neither of them die. In previous episode some vampires were killed by just a little bit of fire.

Correction: Darla and Dru are two exceedingly powerful vampires, and while it seems like they're on fire for a long time because of the slow-motion, the reality is that they were only alight for a few seconds before being doused with water. The only time we've seen vampires burn up faster than this is in direct sunlight, which affects vampires differently than ordinary fire.


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City Of - S1-E1

Angel: Doyle, I don't want to share my feelings, I don't want to open up. I want to find the guy that killed Tina, and I want to look him in the eye.
Doyle: Then what?
Angel: Then, I'm going to share my feelings.

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Trivia: Angel's human name was Liam. "Liam" is an Irish form of "William", so basically, Angel and Spike have the same name.

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Epiphany - S2-E16

Question: If Angel didn't experience a "Moment of Perfect Happiness" from his night with Darla, why does he go through the same motions he went through from losing his soul before?

Answer: Due to his epiphany, Angel basically had the 'true darkness' he worked so hard to reattain ripped away from him, like his soul was after sleeping with Buffy.

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