Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 City Of 3
2 Lonely Hearts 5
3 In The Dark 0
4 I Fall To Pieces 0
5 Rm W/a Vu 0
6 Sense & Sensitivity 0
7 Bachelor Party 1
8 I Will Remember You 3
9 Hero 0
10 Parting Gifts 1
11 Somnambulist 1
12 Expecting 3
13 She 0
14 I've Got You Under My Skin 0
15 The Prodigal 3
16 The Ring 4
17 Eternity 1
18 Five By Five 3
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Waiting In The Wings - S3-E13

Cordelia: You want I should distract him? Make with the nice-nice while you slip by?
Angel: Don't be stupid. I'm that guy and the most beautiful woman I've ever seen is making eyes at me? It's either a bachelor party or a scam.
Cordelia: What did you just call me?
Angel: I'm sorry. You're not stupid.
Cordelia: No, after that.

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Trivia: In the opening credits there is a shot of a girl standing alone on the corner of a street. This was taken from the Buffy episode "Anne", when Buffy was staying in Los Angeles.

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Show generally

Question: In the opening credits, just before the shot of Phantom Dennis, is the shot of the girl crying Darla? What episode is that from?

Answer: Nope, it's not Darla - that's Rachel from the episode "In The Dark", the third episode of the show (the one with Spike's magnificent opening monologue).

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