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The One With All The Resolutions - S5-E11

Corrected entry: Ross goes into Ben's room to kiss him goodnight. While he's in there, Monica and Chandler leave to do 'laundry,' Phoebe leaves, and Joey and Rachel have their dialogue. He's in there for a long time, but worst of all is that he doesn't hear Joey and Rachel's shouting, which he really should have heard, being less than fifteen meters away on the other side of a door we've seen several times can easily be heard through.

Correction: We don't know whether Ross heard the shouting. Ben may have been upset by the shouting, and Ross stayed in the bedroom to look after him.

The One With The Rumor - S8-E9

Corrected entry: In The One With The Rumour (series 8) Monica begins showing Phoebe that she's meant to fold the napkins like swans. However Phoebe manages to get out of it to 'watch the game' with Chandler. You would think that Monica would have, therefore, folded them into swans herself, seeing as she always has to have everything perfect, but there is no sign of napkins, never mind 'swan' napkins, at the table when they have their meal.

Correction: Both Will and Ross are seen with napkins in several scenes.

The One With The Giant Poking Device - S3-E8

Corrected entry: In this episode Monica and Rachel babysit for Ben, and Monica accidentally bumps his head on a beam/pole separating the kitchen and the living room. However, as far as I can recall, we never see this beam/pole prior to or after this particular episode. (I'm referring to the one in the middle of the room, not the one against the wall).

Correction: This pole is seen in many other episodes but most of the camera shots look into the living room so it's not easy to see. You can see it in some of the shots when people are coming into the apartment.

The One After the Superbowl, part 1 - S2-E12

Corrected entry: When the gang is watching Joey's first show on Days of our Lives, he demonstrates how "smell the fart" acting works and then, on his show, he does it in his scene. It is unlikely a take where an actor forgot his lines and paused in such a way would be used on the finished product.

Correction: It's not as unlikely as you think. Soaps are filmed with limited time and resources, so any take that even comes close to being right could be used in the final product. I've seen far worse acting/mistakes on soap operas than a pause to remember a line.

Correction: We're never shown a 360 degree view of the building. The balcony could be on the other side. And since Joey and Chandler's apartment didn't have one, the shot of the building could be of their side.


Correction: When Joey originally gives the credit card to Gunther (the mastercard), it is declined and Joey says "oh, that's my card" and hands Gunther Chandler's card, which we don't get a chance to see closely so it is presumably the AmEx card. These shots aren't included in the Netflix version, which makes it seem like a continuity mistake.

The One In Massapequa - S8-E18

Corrected entry: When Ross is telling the imaginary story of how he 'proposed' to Rachel, he says that he did it at the planetarium because 'that's where we had our first date.' However this cannot be right because in series 4 'The One With Chandler In A Box,' Ross accuses Rachel of having no sentiment so she shows him a movie stub from their first date, implying that they went to see a movie, not to the planetarium.

Correction: True, Ross and Rachel didn't go to the Planetarium on their first date, but they did end up there on their second date. It was also the place where they first made love, and it's quite possible Ross would say it was the location of their first date to be polite and not talk about sex in front of his family and older friends.


The One Where Ross Got High - S6-E9

Corrected entry: Rachel claims to be making an "Old-English Trifle" using an "Old-English Cookery Book." When she describes the ingredients she says "Beef sauteed with peas and onions." Then Ross looks at the book and realises that the pages are stuck together exclaiming "She's made half an Old-English trifle, and half a shepherds pie." The problem here is that a shepherds pie is made with lamb; a cottage pie is made with beef. Therefore, not only is this simply wrong, but it also shows they are not using an English cook book as it would never make such a basic mistake as this.

David Mercier

Correction: The book is never said to be an "Old-English Cookery Book". In fact when you look closely you will see that it is some kind of magazine called something like "Cooking skills". The only English thing mentioned is an "English Trifle".

Correction: The shot after he has passed the hitch-hiker is supposed to be after he has picked him up.(You don't know how much time has elapsed between those shots). Also there is not only one person in the taxi. We only see the hitch-hiker now driving it while Phoebe and Joey are asleep in the back and wouldn't be seen from that angle.

Correction: If you look closely enough you can see her take it off and supposedly put it down behind the desk, out of view.

Correction: You never see the part of the floor where Hugsy supposedly came down.

The One With Ross' New Girlfriend - S2-E1

Corrected entry: In the first episode of the second series, Ross mentions to the group that, after returning from Beijing, it was six o'clock the next evening to Julie and himself. This is impossible; when it is six p.m. in Beijing it is five a.m. in New York, so it would be that time and it seems strange that they would all be gathered at Monica's apartment and Rachel would have just concluded a date (in the last episode of the first season) at such a time. For it to make any kind of sense, Ross would have to have returned from, say, New Zealand, and it would be one a.m. EST, which would be slightly more believable.

Correction: Given the way Ross makes this remark, it is not meant to be taken literally. He has just been travelling for a loooong time and is trying to highlight the time difference. This is exactly the kind or remark most of us would make after passing through multiple time zones.

Correction: In the massage episode she could just be trying to psyche him out, Phoebe style. With Phoebe you can never be sure.

The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin - S7-E19

Corrected entry: At the end of the episode Phoebe has let their cousin, Cassie, stay at her place. It is obvious that Cassie has just come out of the shower because she is wearing a bath robe and is walking out of the bathroom. Why did she put her hair up in a towel though if it weren't wet? You can see that her hair is perfectly dry when she takes the towel off and flicks her hair about.

Correction: She probably just wrapped her hair up in the towel so that it wouldn't get wet. Many long-haired women do this when they take a bath or shower.

The One With Phoebe's Cookies - S7-E3

Corrected entry: When Jack, Monica's father, is telling Chandler about when he first met his wife's parents, he says that they still think he is a lawyer to this day, and that if Chandler sees Jack giving them legal advice he should play along. The problem is, at least one of them is dead, having passed away in The One Where Nana Dies Twice (in which episode there was no sign or mention of Nana's husband, or since, so I would guess he had already passed on). She was definitely Judy's mother, not his. (00:18:50)


Correction: Jack makes mention of his 'in-laws', in conjunction with saying he told Judy's father he was a lawyer. The implication is that despite her parents now being dead, Judy's family as a whole still thinks he's a lawyer.


Correction: Rachel turns left because she is trying to get out of going to the doctor so she doesn't have to have anything put in her eye.

The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: In the series nine episode with Joey and Phoebe's 'evil' plan, Rachel, after her disastrous date runs in to Central Perk in posh gloves and a very expensive coat. She sits talking to Ross, after taking off her coat, with her red leather gloves on. When she runs out with Ross, her gloves have come off.

Correction: Rachel actually takes her gloves off right after removing her coat. The shot is quite fleeting but it's there if you watch out for it.

Correction: Maybe they went back for the jackets. They searched quite a long time and it was obviously cold.

Correction: Good timing explains this one. If anyone was coming out, or a resident with a key was going in they could simply hold the door for her.

Correction: I think it has already been established that what happens on the show doesn't necessarily occur in the same month when it airs. For instance, the episode when Rachel gave birth aired in May but the same day is portrayed in the next season premier in September.

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The One With Rachel's Date - S8-E5

Revealing mistake: In the scene in the coffee house, Phoebe is talking to Monica who is drinking a cup of coffee. Towards the end of the scene, the camera is on Phoebe who is smiling & laughing at Monica. In the right hand corner is a side view of 'Monica' however, it is not Courtney Cox in the scene, but a completely different actress. [Widescreen version only, although the "wrong" nose is visible in the original]. (00:06:20)

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The One With The Dirty Girl - S4-E6

Question: When Joey asks why he can't give Kathy the pen, Chandler says, "Because she's not eleven. And it's not the seventh night of Chanukah." What is Chandler talking about when he says, "It's not the seventh night of Chanukah?"

Answer: Usually by the seventh night of Hanukkah you don't know what to get the other person, and you will probably resort to getting the other person something insignificant. Chandler is basically saying that the pen is a stupid gift.

Answer: Chanukah is a Jewish celebration that occurs around the same time as the Christian Christmas. The celebration lasts for eight days and it is customary to give a small gift on each of the eight days. There is no special gift required and the line about it being "the seventh night" of Chanukah is just Chandler's sarcasm.


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