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The One With The Mugging - S9-E15

Corrected entry: Phoebe realises that she was the girl who mugged Ross when he was 14. This cannot be true when all throughout the whole show Ross says that he and Monica grew up in Long Island and he moved to NYC for college.

Correction: Phoebe said to Monica (after Ross walked out of the coffee shop) she would mug kids who were coming out of the comic book store near the alley she hung out. Chances are Ross visited the comic store in the city.

The One With The Lottery - S9-E18

Corrected entry: After Phoebe calls Ross "daddy", the camera goes to Ross and he can be seen laughing for a second before talking.

Correction: He is laughing because the situation is awkward - it's not a mistake.

The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song - S9-E7

Corrected entry: When Chandler finds the video labelled 'Monica' in Richard's appartment, Monica mentions that Chandler could never grow a mustache. However, in earlier episodes (around series 2), he does grow one, trying to copy the same Richard (granted it's not a very good one)

Correction: That's what she is referring to - the tiny bit of hair on his top lip really doesn't make a mustache.

Ssiscool Premium member

The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: When Monica tells Chandler that she'll be ovulating until the sixth, he's crouching next to Emma, but then the shot cuts and he is standing up.

Matty W

Correction: You see him stand up. No mistake.

Ssiscool Premium member

The One In Barbados, part 2 - S9-E24

Corrected entry: In Barbados, while playing ping pong, balls magically appear.

Correction: Too vague, where do they appear?

Ssiscool Premium member

The One With The Memorial Service - S9-E17

Corrected entry: Phoebe says she called Mike by using the speakerphone on the base unit. All fine and dandy, except how did she dial his number? The number keys are on the phone Monica took.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Many base unit models have number key pads and also a redial key.

Super Grover Premium member

The One With Rachel's Other Sister - S9-E8

Corrected entry: Just before Rachel pushes the plate off of the table, you can see Jennifer Aniston look behind her to check the position of the plate. It's really obvious.

Correction: She is not looking for the position of the plate, she is looking to see what she can get better leverage on.

Ssiscool Premium member

The One With The Fertility Test - S9-E21

Corrected entry: In the scene where Monica and Chandler are about to get tested in the clinic, Monica says, "My tests are down the hall." But after she says, "I've got a vaginal exam to get to," she turns and walks the opposite way she of where she said her tests were.

Correction: Character mistake.


The One With the Male Nanny - S9-E6

Corrected entry: When Joey and Sandy are playing the recorders, the sound produced is out of sync with the finger movements, indicating that they are not actually playing the instruments.

Correction: No, their finger movements match the sound completely.

The One In Barbados, part 1 - S9-E23

Corrected entry: When they arrive in Barbados, Monica and Phoebe take a seat while Chandler and David check in. Rachel is there alone, yet she doesn't check in, she takes a seat with Monica and Phoebe.

Correction: That just means Rachel didn't check in right away. Sometimes people hope the line will get shorter and do something other than wait in line during that time.

The One With Rachel's Other Sister - S9-E8

Corrected entry: When Phoebe is teaching Joey how to lie, look carefully at the plates on the table behind her. There are three plates, the next time you see them they all have napkins on them, then in the next shot (with the plates) only the one closest to the camera has a napkin on it. Also this plate is one of Monica's good plates, yet when Joey sits down later, it is a red plate.


Correction: When she was done setting the table, it's very likely that Monica thought something like "Wait - I don't think I should trust Joey with a good plate", and just replaced it with a red one.

The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner - S9-E5

Corrected entry: When the waiter is ushering Phoebe onto a smaller table, he has his hands on Joey's chair, but when the shot changes, his hands are suddenly directing her to the new table.

Correction: The waiter puts his hands on Pheobe's chair then ushers her to a new table. There are no hands jumping places.

Ssiscool Premium member

The One With The Lottery - S9-E18

Corrected entry: When Ross decides he wants in on the lottery, where do his tickets come from? They don't go out to the shop to buy some. It could be argued that he bought some when Phoebe lost the tickets over the balcony, but I think he'd be more pre-occupied on finding the ones that were already lost.

Correction: They just share with him the ones that have already purchased.


The One With The Soap Opera Party - S9-E20

Corrected entry: Rachel was able to materialise a pair of chopsticks at the soap opera party, pending Ross' comment on how he imitated a woolly mammoth to Charlie, even though they were at a wine table with no food or cutlery near by, neither did she leave the conversation to find some.

Correction: Ross used chop sticks at the restaurant, but Rachel uses pink straws at the party. Considering that they are standing by the drinks it's quite believable that she found straws.

The One In Barbados, part 1 - S9-E23

Corrected entry: When Phoebe is telling Monica that she does want to marry David, Monica is holding her drink in her left hand, the shot changes to Phoebe and Monica's drink is no longer in her hand. (00:11:30)


Correction: Monica puts the glass into her right hand, this can be clealy seen in the next shot of Monica.


The One With The Blind Dates - S9-E14

Corrected entry: In this episode Phoebe sets Rachel up with one of her massage clients, Steve, played by Jon Lovitz. He appeared a couple seasons earlier (The One With the Stoned Guy) as the same character and wrecked Monica's kitchen while Rachel waitressed. Rachel would've remembered who this guy was, why would she stay on the date as long as she had? She already knew he was a jerk.

Correction: She doubtless does remember him, but may not want to be so rude as to leave a date like that, or perhaps she just wanted to give him a second chance.


The One With the Male Nanny - S9-E6

Corrected entry: As Chandler is leaving for Tulsa, he tells Monica to have Geoffrey (who Monica claimed was the funniest person she ever met) email him with funny Oklahoma jokes at There is a real web page with this name with various quotations from that episode.

Correction: Not any more, I just tried.


The One With Rachel's Other Sister - S9-E8

Corrected entry: Phoebe tells Joey he doesn't know how to lie and that he doesn't sound convincing. However in The One With The Soap Opera Party Joey lies to the guys and they buy it, also he says that he's been doing it for years.

Correction: Joey is a natural liar as evidenced by his behaviour all through the show. He lies to and about women, he lied on his resume and has commented on it more than once. He lied when he was pretending to be Chandlers colleague. The issue in this case is that Joey can't think on his feet when he suddenly needs an excuse.


The One In Barbados, part 2 - S9-E24

Corrected entry: In the episode in Barbados (part 2) when Mike and Monica are playing table tennis, Mike goes to great pains to explain that if a player puts his/her non bat hand on the table while the ball is in play then the player forfeits the point. Just before Mike wins his game (the second game they play) he stretches to get a shot from Monica and places his non bat holding hand on the table.


Correction: Not a mistake in the show, Mike cheated and nobody noticed.


The One In Barbados, part 2 - S9-E24

Corrected entry: The One in Barbados - the Anna Kournikova virus wiped out the whole computer's hard drive. Then when Ross finally gives his keynote speech, all his rather complex-looking presentation slides seem to be available again.

Dan Sgambelluri

Correction: The slides we see consist of a couple of graphics of dinosaurs, one of fossils and one of DNA. These are surely commonplace amongst the audience for Ross' speech and he could have borrowed them from one or more of the many attendees.


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