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Phillip Carlyle: I can't just run off and join the circus.
P.T. Barnum: Why not? You have a flair for show business.

P.T. Barnum: Hey sweetie, who's that young man over there?
Charity Barnum: Oh that's Phillip Carlyle. A bit of a scandal, they say. His last play was a hit in London.
P.T. Barnum: Play? Pay good money to watch people stand around and talk for two hours and they call *me* a conman.

P.T. Barnum: Hyperbole isn't the worst crime. Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.

James Bennett: I never liked your show, but I always thought the people did.
P.T. Barnum: They did. They do!
James Bennett: People of all shapes, sizes, colours. Putting them on stage together and presenting them as equals? Another critic might have even called it a celebration of humanity.
P.T. Barnum: I would've liked that.

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P.T. Barnum: I can't fool the bank into loaning me any more money, so I'm really sorry to disappoint you all.
Tom Thumb: Don't worry, Barnum. We've gotten used to it by now.

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Leopold: As I see it, Patrice has not an inkling of your affections, and it's no wonder. You, Charles, are a merry-andrew.
Charlie: A what?
Leopold: Everything plays a farce to you. Women respond to sincerity. No-one wants to be romanced by a buffoon.

Leopold: If it is a ransom you seek, my uncle won't pay a cent. Except, perhaps, for my demise.

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Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

Laura: You are dying. You want to die.
Logan: How do you know?
Laura: Charles told me.
Logan: What else did he tell you?
Laura: To not let you.

Laura: You had a nightmare.
Logan: Do you have nightmares?
Laura: Si. People hurt me.
Logan: Mine are different.
Laura: Por que?
Logan: I hurt people.

Charles Xavier: Fuck off, Logan.
Logan: See, you know who I am.
Charles Xavier: I always know who you are, I just sometimes don't recognize you.

Donald Pierce: Geez, Wolverine, seeing you like this, it just breaks my damn heart.
Logan: As soon as I rip it out of your chest, fucker.

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Jean Valjean: To love another person is to see the face of God.

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Mr. Link: I, uh, wanted to say thank you. For what you said back there.
Sir Lionel Frost: Don't mention it.
Mr. Link: Okay.

Mr. Link: Did we have to take his clothes?
Sir Lionel Frost: Of course. We can't have you wandering about naked.
Mr. Link: I know but... even his underwear? I mean, I turned them inside out but it's still a little weird.

Sir Lionel Frost: How do you speak English so well?
The Elder: How do you speak English so well?
Sir Lionel Frost: Well.
The Elder: How do you know I'm not speaking Yeti?

Sir Lionel Frost: Do you always answer with a question?
The Elder: I don't know... do I?

Sir Lionel Frost: You can speak. How can you speak?

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Blackbeard: Rule number one, "Those who work with bright, honest vigor will be rewarded with prizes and trophies and confectionery!" Rule number two, "Those who fail to work hard, those who skive or malinger, will hereby know the brooding majesty of my disapproval." Mark me well. I know no pity. No second chances. I don't do mercy. But remember, don't forget to help yourselves to lots and lots of jolly old fun! Hey kiddiewinks, welcome to Neverland.

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