Question: This question and answer may contain spoilers. The film made it seem like once the mutant children cross the Canadian border, they would be safe. Dr. Rice (I believe it was him) even says they (the Reavers) need to hurry or they'll lose the children if they cross. My question is why? Did I miss something? Who was suppose to meet the children in Canada? Or is Dr. Rice saying they can't follow the children into Canada, and if so, why not? Alkali Lake was in Canada and it doesn't seem they have any regards for laws and borders. And surely if the children were that valuable, or the need to destroy them so important, why would Dr. Rice not send his army of Reavers to battle whoever was helping the children?


Chosen answer: It is subtly shown that Rice has a deal with the US government to conduct his business without conflict, something he won't have in Canada. There is also a strong theory that the people helping the children is Department H. The Canadian organization that started the super team, Alpha Flight.


Question: I don't remember if Logan said it or if it was said on the radio. But what happened to the mutants?

Answer: Dr. Rice tells Logan the mutants have been wiped out due to a drug in the food and water supply that suppresses mutations, thus no new mutants had been born in 25 years. In the film series, it's indicated mutant powers usually come out during puberty, so parents don't know their children are mutants until around 12 or 13. So it took over a decade to realise no new mutants had been born. However, the government had been breeding mutants for weapons, which is where the mutant children come from in the Logan film. Furthermore, it is implied the "Westchester Incident" was an uncontrolled seizure of Charles Xavier that resulted in the death of many of the mutant students.


Answer: I believe he was referring to two things here. The obvious one is dying, however I'm thinking that's less likely. As even though Logan always would heal before and come back, he has "died" many many times in previous events and would have felt that until his body regenerated enough for him to come back. Other than on maybe a religious level and if feeling the soul disconnecting from his body differently on a permanent death, it would be the same. What I really think he is referring to... is love. He is a father now, and accepting of it. His daughter is right there with him and crying over him, something that probably nobody has ever done for him in his life or a very long time. He is feeling that genuine unconditional love for the first time. He gets to experience what it feels like to be loved as a father moments before he dies, and I believe that is what he is referring to.

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Question: In Origins, Wolverine gets shot twice by Stryker with the adamantium bullet - his brain heals, just without his memories. In Logan, Laura shoots X-24 from the back of the head and he dies. Why the difference?

Answer: X-24's healing factor is much weaker and slower than Logan's, and Dr Rice has to give him the serum to heal his injuries at the farm, so presumably he couldn't heal fast enough to survive the shot. It may also have been a different bullet type - the one in Wolverine didn't do nearly as much damage on impact. Makes sense that Wolverine would have possibly designed one to overcome any healing factor.

Question: I have some questions. 1) When exactly did Logan and Charles plan to rescue Caliban? 2) Why does Charles call Logan a disappointment at the start? 3) When does Charles mention Paris? 4) Why did Charles act so strange and treat Logan so coldly when we first see him? 5) What happened to Caliban? 6) What happened in Westchester? And 7) Why does Charles blame himself for whatever happened in Westchester?


Chosen answer: I doubt they planned to rescue Caliban as they didn't know where he was or if he was even alive. Caliban is killed when he sets off two grenades in the van to try and stop Pierce. With all the questions regarding Charles Xavier, he is suffering from dementia, hence the rambling, mood swings and memory loss. Without his medication, the condition can also cause psychic storms like at the silo and the hotel - it is implied that the Westchester incident was such a storm which killed a large number of students at Xavier's school.

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Answer: He's old and going senile, and is also quite sick and experiencing seizures. It would seem all the inane things he's droning on about (including Mrs. Muffet and the Spiders, and reciting a Taco Bell commerical) are just a result of that - he falls into delirious states where he acts completely insane before he gets his medicine, which calms him back down.


My impression, and I may be wrong, was that he was hearing random thoughts from people in the area and repeating them.

Question: When Logan and Laura are in the truck together and he finds out that she can talk what does she say to him in Spanish?

Answer: She asks if he really expects her to talk when he yells at her and tries to abandon her.

Answer: It's just a continuity mistake. The blade rips a hole in the shoe, but the hole disappears later on... that's a continuity mistake. It's definitely not a plot hole. A plot hole is more a gap or contradiction in a film's internal logic, or when a film leaves out vital information. (Ex. If a character is established as having a deadly nut allergy, but is eating nuts later on with no ill effect... that would be a plot-hole).


Answer: I would classify that as a plot hole.

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It would only be a plot hole if somehow the lack of holes in the shoes was written into the plot that some effect on the plot. Of course, someone would probably correct the entry by saying she could have had a 2nd pair or they bought a new pair if it was integral to the plot.


Question: Charles said it was two days since he last took his medicine. But it was only one day. Right when Logan was saying "You can't have an attack out there. Do you understand?" So why would Charles say two days?


Answer: Charles has dementia, which might explain if his memory is poor, but in this case it actually was two days since he took his tablets. He took two before they escaped the warehouse, they stayed at the hotel in Oklahoma that night and the next day Logan tells Laura to give Charles two tablets as he leaves (which she doesn't) and he has the attack. When Logan asks him "How long has it been since you took your meds?" that is the next day, as Logan then says "You saw what happened yesterday" referring to the incident at the casino. Logan did inject him with something which stopped the attack, but Charles may not have been aware of that given his state.

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Question: What happened to the clerk and the others at the convenience store when Pierce and the Reavers showed up? If they are killed then why?


Answer: The clerk was definitely killed, as we see his body on a slab later in the movie. Presumably he was killed for seeing too much.

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Why did he get killed for seeing too much? Does Pierce tries to cover up what's going on?


Yes, the work that Dr. Rice is doing for Alkali Transigen is illegal, so they are eliminating any potential witnesses to their activities.

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Question: Why does Logan cave in to Xavier's request to stop and stay with the Munsons when he knows they are being tracked by deadly mercenaries?

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Answer: Logan likely assumed that they were in the clear. The mercenaries were able to keep finding them because they were forcing Caliban to track them, but Logan thought that they had killed him. He had no idea that Caliban was still alive and was tracking them, so he guessed that they were out of their reach.

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How would that account for the Reavers finding them earlier at the casino hotel, though? Wouldn't Logan have been under the assumption at that time as well that Caliban was dead?

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Logan may have questioned how the Reavers found them in the casino hotel, but probably not too much to think of which methods specifically were used to find them, since he was mainly focused on getting out of the Reavers' reach. As the casino hotel was a more populated location, he likely took a gamble and guessed that the Munson household was a far safer place to lay low since the house was in a secluded location.

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Question: When Logan received the Adamantium which was grafted to his bones he was fully grown. The girl though is just a little kid who has a lot of physical growing to do. My question is if the Adamantium was given to her the same way, 1 wouldn't it prevent her bones from properly growing (she would end up all deformed from bones growing that are not attached to the metal among many other problems), and 2 the movie takes place in 2029 and Logan got the metal in the 80s yet he's been alive for like 200 years. So he's only had the metal inside him for about 50 years and he states in the movie the metal is slowly poisoning him to death. Which brings me back to the girl. Wouldn't it do the same thing to her and slowly start poisoning her but at a much younger age?

Answer: In the comics, Laura only had the adamantium coated to her claws. We see in one scene that she is in surgery with her arms and legs cut open. We can assume that this is the same in the movie, so no her bones will not be deformed while growing, but her claws may or may not grow. Now about the toxicity about the adamantium, Logan's healing factor is weakening which is why the adamantium's toxicity is killing him. Laura has such a small amount and is so much younger that her healing factor will probably keep her alive as long as Logan's did.

Answer: The various types of adamantium aren't discussed much in the film like they are in the comics. After "true adamantium" was applied to Wolverine, his healing factor converted it into "adamantium beta", which does not interfere with biological bone functions. Even after being fully grown, bones can't be fully covered in metal or it would prevent things like blood cell formation. However, adamantium is poisonous to the body and it's only Logan's mutant healing factor that cures him. Laura's mutant healing factor is what cures her. However, as you stated, Logan is very old and his healing abilities have diminished over time and thus are not sufficient to prevent the poisoning. If Laura becomes old enough for her healing abilities to fail, she too will become poisoned by the adamantium.


Isn't it assumed that his healing factor is failing because of the adamantium poisoning?


In the movie it is suggested that it is the adamantium that is killing him (the doctor tells him something inside him is poisoning him, to which Logan replies he knows). It seems this adamantium poisoning has slowly been leeching his healing ability, but it has taken time. However, there are other things that will stop a mutant's healing factor, such as the Muramasa Blade. In "The Wolverine", Ichiro Yashida was able to successfully drain some of Logan's healing factor (before being killed). So it's possible this draining is what affected his ability to heal fully from the poisoning, in the film series. (Unless of course one subscribes to the notion that "X-Men: Days of Future Past" altered the timeline to essentially make the events in "The Wolverine" never happen).

Answer: Even with Charles' help, Logan was never able to completely put his violent past behind him and integrate into society at large. Xavier always taught his students to view mutant powers as a gift. Logan always viewed his powers as a curse.


Factual error: After the Oklahoma City casino incident, it shows a brief scene where Pierce picks up Dr. Rice. The sign in the background says "Ada 15, Oklahoma City 90" on Highway 81. That highway in Oklahoma is, in fact, a real road but it is no where near Ada. The closest area that is 90 miles from OKC would be around Duncan, which is well over 50 miles from Ada. (01:06:20)

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Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

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Trivia: Because Dafne Keen was underage, she wasn't allowed in the casino where they were filming. So some shots were of Keen in front a green screen and others were of her body double.

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