Prisoners (2013)

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Revealing mistake: Towards the end, Jake Gyllenhaal is browsing the internet on a computer running Windows 7...despite the "no network" notification icon at the bottom right of the taskbar. (02:33:00)


Continuity mistake: In the shot where Holly is done injecting Anna with the syringe and stands up to shoot at Detective Loki, the syringe and two "medicine/poison" bottles are all close together next to Anna's hair. Next three shots showing the room far out with Holly getting shot and killed has the two bottles next to the edge of the rug and very far from Anna's hair, as well as the syringe which is slightly closer, but far away. The next shot of Loki picking up Anna has the syringe and bottles in their original position next to Anna's hair.


Factual error: When Hugh Jackman leaves the apartment where he is holding Alex and walks to a store to buy a bottle of liquor the liquor store has signs for beer in the window. The entire movie takes place in Pennsylvania, which only has state owned liquor stores that do not advertise or sell beer.

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Suggested correction: I only saw wine and spirits advertised. He also drives his pick up to the store.

Keller Dover: Someone has to make him talk or they're gonna die.

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Question: What motivated Bob Taylor (an earlier abductee of the same perpetrators) to implicate himself in the current abductions by stealing the girls' clothing items and taking them to his home?


Chosen answer: Because he was once abducted by the same kidnappers when he was a child, and it has damaged him emotionally. He is recreating the abductions, playing the part of a kidnapper, and be keeps the clothes as a memento of his past experience.

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