X-Men: Days of Future Past

Magneto impales Wolverine with metal rods and throws him into the Potomac. Mystique shoots Magneto in the throat and points the gun at Trask, but Xavier persuades her not to kill him. Mystique and Magneto escape. Because Mystique didn't kill Trask, the Sentinel program is shut down and Wolverine wakes up in a peaceful future where Jean, Scott and others are still alive and living happily at the X-Mansion. Back in the past, Wolverine is fished out of the water by police and they hand him over to William Stryker, who turns out to be Mystique….


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Factual error: The Mountain Dew logo seen in the stadium didn't come out until 1980, despite the film being set in 1973. The changes made in 1980 were subtle, but still distinct, especially the loss of the "wave" in the "D" and the smaller hole on the "a."


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Trivia: When Magneto is pushing the steel rebar into Wolverine, it is twisted into a shape resembling the comic depiction of when he used his powers to remove the adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton in the comic X-Men #25.

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Chosen answer: Quicksilver in the comics listens to music at super speed because his mind always works that fast. Presumably, it's the same here.

Greg Dwyer

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