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Real Steel (2011)

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Continuity mistake: During the first round of the Zeus versus Atom fight, as Atom gets knocked down for the third time he initially falls onto the very edge of the WRB logo in the centre of the ring. Yet as soon as the camera changes angles Atom is lying much further in on the logo.


Continuity mistake: In the scene by the truck where Charlie is climbing into the truck and Max is threatening to drop his keys in the sewer Charlie's right hand alternates between resting, palm down on the roof of the cab and outstretched toward Max depending on the camera angle.


Continuity mistake: During the scene when Max threatens to drop Charlie's keys into the sewer if he doesn't take him along, As the shot alternates between Hugh from the front and Hugh from the back his right hand changes from stretched out for the keys (from the back shots) to resting on the roof of the cab (from the front).


Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Bailey are on the roof, his hand position (wrapped up in her hair) changes with the camera angle. From behind Bailey, his fingers are straight. From behind Charlie, his fingers are curled.


Other mistake: Towards the end during the last fight with Zeus, Atom is following Charlie as a mirror - when Charlie moves his right hand Atom moves its left, etc.. At one point in the last round Charlie jumps and punches with his right hand, but Atom hits Zeus with its right too.


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