Trivia: It was comedian Jerry Seinfeld of all people that gave Hugh Jackman the idea to retire from the role of Wolverine. Jackman was attending a diner party with Seinfeld and asked him how he knew when it was time to end his legendary sitcom. Seinfeld told him "You need to leave something in the tank. If you feel like, 'OK, I think we might have said everything but there is still a little bit left, ' then that's the time to go." Jackman took it to heart and decided to go out on a high note and make the best film he possibly could to end his tenure as Wolverine, and considers "Logan" to be the most personal of all of his portrayals of the character.

Trivia: Because Dafne Keen was underage, she wasn't allowed in the casino where they were filming. So some shots were of Keen in front a green screen and others were of her body double.

Trivia: While Logan is reading the lab files, it lists Dominic Petros as a DNA source. He is Avalanche, a mutant who can generate seismic waves.


Trivia: After the film's premier, Patrick Stewart was very emotional, and announced that he had decided that it would be his final major portrayal of the character Charles Xavier in a feature film, as he felt he went out perfectly. (However, Stewart has not ruled out appearing in the role again in either a cameo, or in the television series "Legion", which is connected to the "X-Men" film universe).

Trivia: Spoiler: Logan dies at the end, covered in blood and holding his daughter Laura's hand. Director James Mangold has acknowledged that this is a callback to a scene from "The Wolverine" in which Yukio, who can foresee how a person will die, said she saw a vision of Logan covered in blood and holding his heart in his hand. Laura being a metaphor for Logan's heart in this instance.

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Suggested correction: While this is true, it's important to remember that later in the lab (the parasite removal scene) Yukio specifically says "I saw you die in a room like this with your heart in your hand."

A minor discrepancy in Yukio's vision doesn't invalidate what the director of both films himself considers to be an important point in the narrative.

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I didn't say that it invalidated anything. In fact, I started my comment by agreeing that it was true. I was just pointing out that her vision wasn't exactly the same.

Well you submitted it as a correction and not a general reply/comment, so it came across that you were saying it was invalid. Carry on.

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Trivia: Lennie Loftin plays Jackson in this film, the land developer trying to muscle the Munson family off their ranch by sabotaging their water supply. In 3:10 to Yuma he played the very similar role of Hollander, a land owner trying to muscle the Evans family off their ranch by cutting off their water supply. Both films were directed by James Mangold.


Trivia: Hugh Jackman confirmed during production that this would be his final turn as the iconic character "Wolverine." "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds, who is friends with Jackman, tried repeatedly to convince him to make one more movie so they could do "Wolverine vs Deadpool", but Jackman has made it clear he wanted to go out on a high note and that he has no plans to return to the role. He has said, however, that he would potentially like to be involved in a future "X-Men" related movie behind the scenes, and would like to assist in the casting and training of his inevitable replacement.

Trivia: The film Charles and Laura are watching in the hotel is "Shane." Charles goes on to say he saw the film in the theater when he was Laura's age. However, Charles was born in 1932 and "Shane" came out in 1953, meaning he would have been 21. (I still listed this part as trivia since it could be argued Charles is forgetful in his old age). Laura's last lines come from the ending of "Shane."


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Trivia: Spoiler! At the end of the movie, when the children bury Logan, one of them can be seen holding a Wolverine toy. It is a toy of Wolverine in the yellow suit, which is how he appeared in the comic books.


Trivia: Hugh Jackman has cited his age, repeated struggles with skin-cancer and the stress that preparing for the role causes his body as contributing to his decision to retire from the character of Wolverine after 17 years. Jackman has also jokingly suggested that the diet required to maintain his physique was a contributing factor as he hated it, quipping "I don't know how many more egg white omelettes I can eat."

Trivia: Originally the villain Mr. Sinister was going to make his cinematic debut in this film, as was teased by the post-credits scene from "X-Men: Apocalypse." However, the character was cut as it was deemed he wouldn't fit with the tone of the film.

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Trivia: This is the first film based on a superhero-centered comic book to ever be nominated for a screenplay award at the Oscars.

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Trivia: The black suit wore by Logan is a reference to the comic book "The death of Wolverine".


Factual error: Logan and Laura emerge from an urgent-care clinic in a small town, presumably somewhere in the Great Plains or eastern Rockies. Shortly after they emerge from this clinic, a Louisiana state highway sign is visible in the background. As the scene ends, the camera pulls back to show mountains in the background, indicating that they aren't in Louisiana.

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Laura: You are dying. You want to die.
Logan: How do you know?
Laura: Charles told me.
Logan: What else did he tell you?
Laura: To not let you.

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Question: I don't remember if Logan said it or if it was said on the radio. But what happened to the mutants?

Answer: Dr. Rice tells Logan the mutants have been wiped out due to a drug in the food and water supply that suppresses mutations, thus no new mutants had been born in 25 years. In the film series, it's indicated mutant powers usually come out during puberty, so parents don't know their children are mutants until around 12 or 13. So it took over a decade to realise no new mutants had been born. However, the government had been breeding mutants for weapons, which is where the mutant children come from in the Logan film. Furthermore, it is implied the "Westchester Incident" was an uncontrolled seizure of Charles Xavier that resulted in the death of many of the mutant students.


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